9 Things You Should Never Buy in Bulk

There are certain household things that should never be bought in bulk. These items either go bad quickly or are just cheaper to buy in smaller amounts. The following is a list of 9 things to never buy in bulk.


Eggs are actually cheaper when you buy a dozen. Check out the per egg price on that 18 or 24 egg carton and in most cases the 12 carton is cheaper.


Spices and Condiments

Spices don't go bad but they do lose strength which leads to blander taste when used. The only spices to buy in bulk are ones you use everyday. Condiments spoil much quicker than you'd think so always check expiration dates and only buy what you can use.


Liquid Bleach

Bleach loses is ability to clean after about 6 months. Powder bleach lasts much longer.


Cooking oils

When oils are kept on the shelf for over 3 to 6 months, depending on the type of oil, they go rancid. In this case it's better to buy smaller bottles.


Sunscreen and Beauty Products

Both of these lose effectiveness within around 6 months. Just buy what you need and keep an eye out for the expiration on your sunscreen and products that contain sunscreen as it won't protect as well once expired.


Coffee Beans

They are freshest when used within two weeks of being roasted, so only buy what you can use in that time period unless you want weak coffee.


Brown Rice and Whole Grains

These can be stored in an airtight container for up to 6 months, after that they can go bad due to the high oil content.


Over the Counter Medications

They lose effectiveness and expire after a certain amount of time. Always check dates to be sure they're still good.



Big crates of soda are usually priced higher than the ones you find on sale. Always check circulars for the best prices as their is usually at least one retailer with a great sale on soda.


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