Summer DIY - Decorating Projects To Bond With Family

Playing, laughing, friends, ice cream, and tons of fun! That is mostly what kids look forward to during their summer vacation. Students, teachers, parents, and grandparents- everybody will eventually miss their routine, but, nobody can deny that they love this time of the year as this is the best time of the year to spend with family and on activities that they really want to. Here, are a few great decorating project ideas for the entire family. Everybody can get involved and enjoy family time working on these projects and make some wonderful lasting memories together! 

Before you begin to work on these projects with kids, remember to show genuine interest and most importantly, let your children see that you love learning too. 

Clay Art

Clay is an excellent material to express your creativity. It's also easy and  fun to work with. The entire family can make animals, flowers, pots, pencil holders etc., which can be used around the house or displayed during festivals or all year round in showcases. Find instructions here.

Easy, step by step clay dog
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Thoranams & Garlands

Most Indian homes are adorned with Thoranams (also called Torans) and you can make your own.  Artificial garlands are decorative and useful around the house. Here are some ideas and instructions for making your own Thoranams, hangings, and garlands.

A decorative Thoranam 
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Paper Crafts & Origami

Children love paper crafts and origami which can also be used to decorate their bedrooms or activity center. They will also be proud of learning a new skill. Find easy instructions here.

Origami mobile as decor
Image and Instructions:

An adorable paper-craft doll house
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Paper can also be used to create traditional floral decor
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Newspaper Crafts

Newspapers are easily available in every household and this is an inexpensive art that can take a few hours to engage the whole family. Use newspaper baskets to organize storage and desk spaces for your kids and around the house. Find instructions here.

Newspaper baskets are great for organizing
Image and Instructions:

felt baskets can be a colorful addition to your home
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Make colorful mats from old clothes. Perfect to place near the tub or kitchen or bathroom doors. Find instructions here.

Colorful doormats to dress up the foyer
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Make your own wall art to decorate the house. Children love working with colors and can make unique paintings or learn from a tutorial. These can be displayed in a cheerful gallery wall of art! Use fabric paints to make pillow and cushion covers, table cloths and runners. 

Display your DIY artwork
Image and Instructions:

Use these ideas to keep the kids happy and busy and at the same time make some wonderful mementos for your own home. Make sure to have each handmade piece signed and dated by the creative genius who made it and you'll have beautiful, precious memories to last you a lifetime! 


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