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Our days begin and end in our beds and bedrooms. The more personal and comfortable they are, the more rested our sleep will be. Here are some tips to make your bed an enticing unwind zone!

Our days begin and end in our beds and bedrooms. The more personal and comfortable they are, the more rested our sleep will be. Here are some tips to make your bed an enticing unwind zone!

The RIGHT Mattress!

Your bed frame does not matter, your headboard doesn't either! As long as you do not have the right mattress, you are bound to toss and turn all night and wake up with an aching spot in the spine or neck. So be sure you splurge on a super comfortable mattress like Sleepify latex mattress that can help you get those 7 - 9 hours full sleep.

The key to a good night’s sleep
Image - Sitnsleep.com

Choose The Right Accessories

Hunt down the perfect accessories for your bed like mattress topper, night-stands, lamps, etc.

Accessorize your way
Image - Home-designing.com

Pick Colors That Soothe The Mind And Calm The Body

It is a scientifically proven fact that the color of your surroundings effects your mood. No one prefers to go to bed angry or frustrated or sad, so skip those gloomy colors and liven up your bed room with pastels and any colors that cheer you up.

Choose your colors wisely
Image - Homearrangement.com

Add A Touch Of Personalization: Background Music, Wallpaper, Etc.

Prefer falling asleep to a soothing lullaby? Add that music dock or a set of speakers you can connect your aux to and let the music lull you to sleep. You can also decorate your ceiling with the glow-at-night stars if you like staring at the sky. Get creative!

Pillows, Pillows And More Pillows!

Need I say more? Adorn your bed with pillows of all sizes, shapes and colors. They’re cute to look at and perfect to snuggle with.

Snuggle, don’t smother!
Image - Haydon.com
Mix And Match Patterns

Stripes and florals, color blocks with pastels, monotones and contrasts deck up the room in patterns of your choice.

Mix and Match!  
Image -  Finnstyle.com/marimekko-unikko-blue-duvet-cover.html

Throw Away That Room Freshener And Add Flowers

Skip the mundane and go with a classic arrangement of fresh flowers in the room, it not only adds a bit of romance, but also freshens up your room without harmful chemicals.

Fresh Flowers in Bedroom
Image - Housetohome.co.uk

Curtains Might Be The Way To Go!

Curtains can enhance the look of a room dramatically,so long as you are willing to spare a little time for maintenance, add curtains to the windows, around or behind the bed to create a secluded place.

Sheer Curtains Around The Bed
Image - Pinterest.com

Make Sure Your Blankets And Rugs Are Soft

That says it all! Soft equals cozy.  

Choose The Headboard That’s Right For You

Being a book lover, I personally prefer a headboard with a built in book case because it is always easy to cuddle up with a book at arms’ length; but to each his own.

Not just a headboard, your personal bookcase
Image - Baihusi.com

Display Collections Of Items That Have Significance To You

That childhood picture of mom putting you to sleep; priceless, isn’t it? Pin it about your bed for a touch of sentimentality.

Experiment With Your Color Palette

Your bed-sheets are a great place to start this experiment.  

Add Chairs In A Corner

For that morning cup of coffee in the bedroom!

Chairs in Bedroom
image - Longwingspage.blogspot.in

Fairy Lights Are A Great Idea For A Kid’s Bed Room, Or A Romantic Surprise.

Light Up Your Room
image - Pinterest.com

The Right Lighting In The Bedroom Can Work Wonders

Change the lights and angles to please your senses! 

Add Throws

Adding throws on the bed is a great way to cozy up the place a little bit more.

Soft Throws On Bed
Image - Etsy.com

Concentrate On The Landing Spot Too!

Soft Rugs or Throws Can Pamper Your Feet First Thing in the Morning
Image - Novecarpet.com

Try Different Types Of Sheets And Decide On What You Like

Cotton, Linen, Satin, there’s a multitude of options to choose from.  

Save Yourself Some Trouble And Add A Bedside Lamp

No more fighting over who has to switch off that damned light!

A Bedside Lamp or a Dual Switch is the Answer to all your prayers
image - Tovtov.com

Make The Bed Every Time You Leave It.

By make, I mean toss everything in its general location on the bed. Fold the sheets and arrange everything in the right place so that you can just snuggle in and relax whenever you want to!




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