Common Services Beyond Scope Of Professional Home Cleaners

Did your professional home cleaner decline a request to clear out the trash or refuse to clean the kitchen sink? There’s absolutely no reason to get annoyed as it is common for cleaning services to steer clear of certain tasks which may seem an integral part of the job. Being aware of the scope of services provided not only helps avoid disappointments but also enables you to place special requests in advance, if at all you need any additional help with cleaning.

Clearing And Organizing

Take care to clear clutter and put things back in place before the cleaners report for the job. Cleaners usually tend to clean around things on table-tops, work desks or floors. They do not clear up trash, kitchen sinks, dish washers or ovens either. This is partly because picking up things strewn around the place delays the cleaning schedule and also cleaners would not know how and where to put things, and sometimes may accidentally trash important things.

Stubborn, Aged, Near Permanent Stains

Do not expect professional cleaners to work magic on aged and stubborn stains.  Stains that require special cleaning products or tools, or expert processes not available with the cleaner will still remain even after the job is done. Marker pens or crayon lines on the walls, stains on carpets, upholstery or wooden surfaces are likely to remain.

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Age-old stains and crayon art don’t vanish instantly

Covered Units And Electrical Appliances

Not all professional cleaning service providers are okay with cleaning interiors of covered units, be it storage cupboards or electric home appliances. If you need a dish washer or an oven cleaned, it is better to check with the cleaner in advance.

Areas With No Direct Access

Cleaning exteriors of windows, especially in high rises, is excluded if there is no balcony access available. The same applies to windows, exhaust fans, or even light fixtures with protective grills or meshes.

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Window exteriors may be beyond reach of cleaners

Shifting Furniture

Moving heavy pieces of furniture out of the way to expose and clean different sections of the floor is also likely to be excluded. In case you have heavy furniture resting on wall-to-wall carpets, you’ll probably not require to clean the floor, but if need arises, discuss the available options and expense quotes in advance with the cleaning service.


Not all cleaners are comfortable with pets around the place, neither will you or your pet be at ease as the cleaning job may temporarily restrict your movement. If you are unable to find an alternative arrangement for your pets, remember to request a cleaner who knows how to handle pets, but don’t expect them to clean up after your pet.

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Messy pets? No way

The list of exclusions, exceptions, and add-on services are bound to vary across service providers. Shop around to find a home cleaning service that addresses most, if not, all of your cleaning needs, of course at competitive rates. Be prepared for exclusions, but it doesn't hurt to negotiate customized services to suit your needs. 


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