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As you look around your house, when your eyes inspect each room a little closely you notice the old stained switchboards, the uneven patches of paint on the walls and your neat but visible laundry basket. With a little creativity, you can transform these eyesores into decor!

As you look around your house, you loveeverything you see - a welcoming living room, the pristine kitchen, a tidybedroom and clean bathrooms. But as your eyes inspect each room a littleclosely you notice the old stained switchboards, the uneven patches of paint onthe walls and your neat but visible laundry basket. 

Even though these may be small things they bugyou nonetheless, with a little creativity, you can transform these eyesoresinto decor! 

Listed below are few fun tips for you

Dress Up Your Switchboards

You've managed to scrub all the grime ofyour switch boards but it still looks dated and ugly? Decorate around it with afew decals to give it an update.

Article Image
Your switch board never looked better

HidingThose Nasty Patches

So your walls have quite a few unattractivepatchy spots and bumps? Don’t have the budget to repaint your walls? Well, don’tworry about it. Take care of these patchy spots with a few framed paintings orphotos to cover them up.

Article Image
Hide paint patches go behind printed posters

CustomizedDrawers for Laundry Hampers

Don’t display a hamper full of laundry in aroom, especially if it’s too small and you hardly have the space. A giganticlaundry basket is just going to make your room look cluttered and unkempt. Takecare of this problem by custom fitting a pull out laundry drawer into any ofyour shelves. Identify the best place for a drawer in your bathroom, bedroom orutility room.

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A great way to keep laundry hidden

MakeYour Window AC Unit Disappear

Your old AC doesn't look as sleek as thenewer, more stylish split ACs now available in the market. If it’s in perfectworking order and doesn't warrant changing, you can do a lot around, over andin front of it. Get a handyman to make a wooden frame around it and custom makea sliding notice board in front of it. Every time you want to use the AC, thenotice board will slide over giving you easy access to the AC controls. Notonly does your AC disappear from sight but you also have place to stick yourpost its, to-do lists and other reminders!

Article Image

Article Image
AC hidden behind a notice board


You got a lovely jewelry stand and allyour pretty earrings and chains finally have their own home. But as time goesby, is your stand is starting to look a little messy and gathering dust? Hire ahandyman to make a frame over it and attach a painting or pretty shutters thatopen easily every time you want to wear or stash your jewelry.

Article Image
Your junk jewelry vault

As you walk around your home, we’re sureyou’ll find creative ways to cover up all your household eyesores in new anddifferent ways!



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