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Know some neat house cleaning tips and hacks that not only lessen the chore of, but also help you do a more effective job, making your house cleaner, neater and tidier, all more easily!

10 house cleaning tips and hacks that actually work!

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Know some neat house cleaning tips and hacks that not only lessen the chore of, but also help you do a more effective job, making your house cleaner, neater and tidier, all more easily!

Save Your Elbow Grease
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House Cleaning Tip 1 - Baking Soda for Liquid Stains 

Spilled coffee or tea, fruit juices and other edible liquids on drapes and upholstery? Now you have the solution, literally: baking soda and water. Just blot the excess liquid with a sponge and apply a paste of water and baking soda to the stain. Follow up by absorbing the resultant mixture with a warm, wet cloth. When the stain disappears blot the surface again, but with a dry cloth this time.

Liquid Stains No more a Problem
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 House Cleaning Tip 2 - Vinegar and Lemon Dusting

Mix one cup of vinegar with a cup of water and ½ teaspoon of olive oil. Take two or three microfiber cloths and soak them in the solution. Squeeze out the excess liquid and then lightly rub the cloths over the furniture and other surfaces. Vinegar can be used for various cleaning applications around your home.  Tip - Add a few drops of lemon essential oil for fragrance.

Damp Dusters Work Better
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House Cleaning Tip 3 - Iron Soleplate

Warm the iron to a low temperature. If it is a steam iron remove the water. Then sprinkle kitchen salt on a sheet of paper and run the iron over it to clean the soleplate.

Cleaning IRon's Soleplate
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House Cleaning Tip 4 - Speed Clean Your Grinder

Blend liquid soap and water for a few seconds in your grinder/blender. There, you have a super clean grinder!

Wet Cleaning Your Grinder
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House Cleaning Tip 5 - Streak-less Glass Windows

Fill a spray bottle with vinegar and spray the glass surface evenly. Use newspaper and clean the surface thoroughly.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how clean the glass is; with a uniform brilliance and no streaks.

Clearer Window Glass
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House Cleaning Tip 6 - Stainless Steel 

Well, vinegar to the rescue again. Fill a spray bottle with the white liquid and spray it liberally on the appliance. Then take a paper tissue or microfiber cloth and rub the surface in the direction of the grain of the steel. This removes the initial dirt. Now dip another cloth into a little olive oil or any other mineral oil and polish the appliance in the direction of the grain.

For Gleaming Stainless Steel Appliances
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House Cleaning Tip 7 - Clean Your Mattresses Often

If you have a mini bar in the house, take a little vodka and put it in a spray bottle and spritz the alcohol liberally all over the mattress. Then just let it air-dry by hanging it over. The vodka will not only leave no smell, but it will actually remove the existing smell and kill the odour-causing bacteria.

Vodka as a Cleaning Agent
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House Cleaning Tip 8 - Cleaning Air Vents

The butter knife is an excellent tool for cleaning vents, it also has sufficient length for the right cleaning leverage. Take a clean towel and soak it with any cleaning liquid. Drape the towel over a butter knife and start cleaning. 

Butter Knife to Clean Air Vents
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House Cleaning Tip 9 - Oil Spots

Just sprinkle cornstarch over the oil stain and let it work for about ten minutes. Then shake it off. Whatever mark remains, you can dab with a cloth soaked with white vinegar. Then wash the wash the garment or fabric or dry clean it. If it is upholstery, which cannot be removed, rub the stain with soap and water.

Oil Stains Are No Problem
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House Cleaning Tip 10 - Unclogging Drains the Organic Way

Chemical house and drain cleaners are not always effective and they prove to be harsh on the drain pipes. Instead, pour a little cup of baking soda down the drain, followed by two cups of vinegar. Wait for five minutes; then rinse the mixture down with about 4 liters of boiling water to clean and deodorize drains.

The science behind Unclogging Drains
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These ten tricks will help you deal with some of the commonest and most time consuming elements of house cleaning, while for a thorough spring clean you can always hire the best professional house cleaning services to do the job for you.



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