Ways Hide Your Gas Cylinder And Do it Beautifully!

Almost every Indian home has a gas cylinder(unless you have piped gas), and usually the common Indian cylinder is red, made of metal and supremely ugly! If you have a gas cylinder lying in the open in your kitchen, it not only looks unattractive but also takes away from your beautiful (not to mention expensive) kitchen decor.
Here are 7 innovative ways to hide your gas cylinder and make it blend in beautifully!
Every Indian kitchen has the ubiquitous fire engine red gas cylinder
Image - Indiahometips.com

Nautical Wrap

Get a cheap and cheerful fabric in a nautical stripe and make this easy cylinder cover, smart and perfect, recommended for all white kitchens.

Nautical stripe cover up
Image - Etsy.com

Contemporary Wood

Complement your contemporary decor in the kitchen with this simple, lift up cover made of wood or ply. Hire a carpenter to knock this design together, and you can use the top of the cover as additional counter space.

Contemporary gas cylinder cover
Image - Houzz.com

Simple, square, neutral colored box for a gas cylinder
Image - Houzz.com

Or have one custom made with a removable lid as shown above.

Move Your Cylinder Outdoors

If you have the space (a kitchen garden or sit out near the kitchen) it may be possible for you to move the gas cylinder outdoors placed in a purpose made wood chest with a removable front and opening lid, and then put in concealed piping to connect it to your stove. It is always a good idea to consult your interior contractor and designer as well as another expert form the gas agency on the safety and feasibility of gas piping through your home.

Gas cylinder placed in an outdoor chest
Image - Equipement-camping-car.com

Crafty And Talented?

If you are talented with a brush and love to decorate everything, you can use your brush to create fresh art for every cylinder that enters your home! We recommend you paint on paper or canvas and paste it on the cylinder and do not paint directly on the cylinder as it will be returned in due course to be refilled.

Pretty painted gas cylinders
Image - Pinterest.com

Cylinder In The Cabinet

Slide out cylinder built into kitchen cabinets
Image - Bbqguys.com

You can even place the cylinder in a concealed slide out or tilt out in your kitchen island so that the space around the stove can be used for everyday use pots and pans storage within easy reach.

Place the gas cylinder concealed within your kitchen island 
Image - Streetstrut.com

Got an idea about how to hide the gas cylinder that is usable and attractive, something you've done in your own home? If we missed it, share it with us now and we'll feature it right away!


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