How Much Does Interior Designing Cost In Bangalore?

Looking to give your house a new look? Find out how much your remodeling will cost in Bangalore as per the area of your house!

How Much Does Interior Designing Cost In Bangalore?
How Much Does Interior Designing Cost In Bangalore?

Picture your Dream house, well lit, greatly designed with amazing functionality serving your needs and requirements from every angle. Sounds appealing, doesn’t it? Interior designing is that aspect that fulfills everything that we mentioned above. The main purpose of Interior Design (of Residence) is being able to render a healthier and aesthetically inviting sense of feeling to the occupants as well as the guests. It is the center of all the attention that is being garnered on the houses’ aesthetics. Check out our exclusive blog dedicated to a friends tv series themed interior design.

A home is something you can call your own hence it is important that you actually value all the aspects of it. Interior Designing is not something that has just come into vogue. It was actually present a long time back and keeping the current status quo in mind it indeed has transformed much more than just furniture. The main objective of any interior design must always lie in making the occupants feel comfortable and aesthetic at the same time. Here in this blog, we have tried to render absolutely how vital it is that you know the expenses of a reasonably styled Interior Design in Bangalore, requirements and essential aspects are also covered.

Things to consider while choosing any particular Interior Design:

Wall design and painting
  1. Walls: A house is literally not a house without walls. A solid, well-designed wall would render a great impression overall. One can decorate walls by adding clocks (modern or antique), posters, complementary colors, paintings, and utility cabinets.
Trendy floor design ideas
Trendy floor design ideas

2. Floors: It should go without saying that floors are always supposed to be enhanced in a fashionable way for a great-looking house. Typically choosing the universal white tiles makes up for a good Interior Design decision but opting for a wooden or a marble floor is also trendy and considered fancy these days, so you may want to check that out once.

Furniture ideas for interior decoration bangalore

3. Furniture and fixtures: Furniture decor is something that cannot be missed. A living room usually contains a sofa, tv, side tables, and wall art but what matters is the way things are kept in there. The cost of Interior Designing in Bangalore is determined half by the size and quality of the furniture and decor items.

Interior design cost in Bangalore for a 1BHK house:

Given the current Interior Design market situation in Bangalore, it would approximately cost you around 2 to 3 lakhs for a limited decor design. That said, there is always room for your needs and requirements where the price can be altered according to that.
Things covered:

  • A TV Unit
  • Sofa set
  • Wall art/wall painting
  • Kitchen storage cabinets
  • Queen sized bed
  • Sliding cupboard

Interior design cost in Bangalore for a 2BHK house:

Given the above-covered Interior Design requirements for 2 BHK houses in Bangalore, the overall cost might come to around 4 to 6 lakhs. This of course is after considering the extra bedroom and the apartment’s total size.
Things covered:

  • TV unit with a storage space
  • Large sofa set for the living room
  • A 5 to 6 feet king size bed
  • Kitchen storage cabinets
  • Wall Art, Wall Painting are included in the interior design cost in the 2BHK house

Interior Design cost in Bangalore for a 3 BHK house:

A well-designed and furnished 3 BHK house only makes sense when you are living with your extended family. The above-mentioned requirements are all that is needed for a comfy and stylish home. Typically after considering the size and the extra aspects Interior Design might cost you around 6 lakhs. But if you prefer premium decors and lavish items, the cost might extend up to 10 lakhs.
Things covered:

  • Gigantic TV unit with a storage space
  • High-quality wood flooring (marble, hardwood, or vinyl)
  • Sofa set with designer styled cushions
  • Air conditioning system
  • Trendy wall painting and wall art
  • 11 feet sliding wardrobe
  • King size beds for the 3 bedrooms
  • Separate glass storage space for precious items

Interior design cost in Bangalore for a 4 BHK house

Typically 4 BHK apartments are for those people with a large or extended family. So if you are planning to get a smart Interior Design for your apartment then you have to be aware that minimum the cost will be 25% of the total property. Have a peep at our piece on a stunning 4 BHK house. According to our estimation, the average price of any interior design for a 4 BHK house would be around 4 to 12 lakhs (12 lakhs if you want the most luxurious of experiences). That is precisely the reason why we urge you to plan accordingly to your requirements.
Things covered:

  • Large TV unit made out of teakwood (a special kind of wood)
  • The sofa set works pretty great with the whole house color
  • Marblewood flooring
  • Artistic wall painting
  • Chandeliers
  • King size bed with fine wood quality
  • Bean bag or foam cushion made with high-quality material
  • Nightstand, sliding wardrobe
  • Seamless kitchen cabinets with hydraulic doors
  • 11 feet, floor to ceiling sliding wardrobe
  • Air conditioning systems or a normal room or personal cooler

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