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Let's be honest: life's not getting any less demanding for us. Busy jobs, stressful calendars and spreading ourselves too daintily is really affecting us.

Let's be honest: life's not getting any less demanding for the greater part of us. Busy jobs, stressful calendars and spreading ourselves too daintily is really affecting our capacity to think, leaving more individuals than any other time in recent memory enduring with the feared 'Cerebrum haze', and leading to more than a few sticky situations. There's no compelling reason to fear the most well-known ones, however, as we've assembled a guide to help you in your critical moment.

1. The forgotten Birthday/Anniversary.

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These days, there’s so much to keep track of, and whilst our loved ones are never far from our minds, sometimes we can lose track of the days until we suddenly realise we’ve forgotten an important event. The first trick is not to panic. If it’s the morning of their big day, get onto one of those same day delivery companies and get something over to them quickly! If it’s a little late in the day for a gift to get to them, then consider ‘surprising’ them after work, with a bottle of wine, DVD and an evening of your company if at all possible. If you only remembered the following day – then abject apologies and a promise to make it up to them are warranted. If they’re a good friend, then they’ll likely understand.

2. Food shopping forgetfulness.

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We've all been there, wandering around the shops attempting frantically to recollect what it is we went for. This is particularly valid for food shopping. Fortunately, there are applications particularly devoted to making shopping records. One of these, Scan2List, is committed to helping you make the most of records you can on, and on the off chance that regardless you overlook something on the rundown, you can impart it to your other half so they can lift it up for you!

3. Locking yourself out.

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Keys are horrible things to lose. In any case, realizing that your keys are sheltered and sound inside your home – your bolted house – is surprisingly more terrible. This is the place picking a solid locksmith makes its mark. Frequently, proficient locksmiths can get you in without harming the entryway, abandoning you with a littler bill than you'd need to pay in the event that you'd have broken in yourself – or more awful, moved through a window and harmed yourself! In case you're inclined to doing this frequently, leave a key with somebody you trust.

4. Forgetting their name.

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This is perhaps the worst item on the list. It doesn’t matter whether you bump into them at the supermarket or at a corporate event, forgetting someone’s name is beyond embarrassing. Luckily, there are some great ways to give yourself some clues without giving the game away. One great tip that works well at both parties and networking events is to introduce someone you do remember to someone you don’t, allowing ‘the forgotten one’ to complete the introduction by confirming their name to the other. Phew!

With a bit of quick thinking, and these tips above, there’s no reason you can’t cope with whatever sticky situation you find yourself in!



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