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Regular makeovers of your home can add zing to your repetitive routine. And redecorating is a lot more fun when you accent your home with styles of different sorts. Here are a few timeless classic must-haves for every home; does your home have them?

Regular makeovers of your home can add zing to your repetitive routine. And redecorating is a lot more fun when you accent your home with styles of different sorts. Here are a few timeless classic must-haves for every home; does your home have them?

Wall Of Art

Paintings, poetry, pictures, and most anything that touched your heart can earn a place on your personal wall of art. All you need is an empty wall and to hire a handyman for driving nails into the wall and you are set. This can double up a trophy wall for your kids too! Here is a quick link to help you create your wall of art.

A Photo Wall
Image - Yupiu.com

Contemporary Corner

Keep up with the changing times and add a piece of trending home decor to your space. It is difficult to completely alter all the furniture and decor of your home, but you can always add a single accent piece in a contemporary style.

Contemporary Furniture is an eye-catching accent
Image - Homesbyderby.com

Retro Or Country Style 

It is time for something old and something blue. Add a vintage spark by decorating with retro furniture or country style decor. You need not spend a fortune buying fancy antique or refurbished new vintage stuff. Visit your grandmother and she can get some much deserved new furniture while you can polish up her old furniture!

Something old and blue!
Image - Lvluxhome.com

Eclectic Combinations

If you’re bored with elegant, try the exquisite, combine the classy with cozy, the subtle with the bold and the expected with the unexpected! Eclectic combinations need a keen eye to balance out neutrals with a pop of color, retro decor with contemporary quirks and prints with color blocks.

An example of eclectic decor
Image - Interiordesigninspiration.net


Escaping into a completely different world is a fantasy that lives in many minds. Create a space in your home that is completely private to you. It could be a game room where you like to blow off some steam or a little spa of your own to relax in aromatic and warm water while enjoying some beautiful music. Make sure this place carries a bold do-not-disturb board, for it is your alternate universe!

Escape into your own world
Image - Biddecor.blogspot.in

Wall Of Glass

If your home has a view to die for give it due importance by bringing down the wall and replacing it with beautiful tinted glass windows. This will make the outdoors a part of your home while still giving you privacy. Create a sitting space overlooking the picturesque spot, great for a relaxing cup of coffee while enjoying the view!

A home with one full side as a glass wall
Image - Hometrendesign.com

Candles Lamps Crystals Flowers!

Color and light are preliminary requirements of decoration. Candles and lamps can completely change the appearance of a place. Skip white light and experiment with different kinds of lighting options available to you. Indoor plants and flowers are also a great way to freshen up your home interiors.  

Elegant Lamps and Vases
Image - Bedroom-decor-design-ideas.com

Use any one, or all, of these wonderful ideas in your home to bring in a touch of style and effortlessly add a timeless personal quality to your home interiors! Find even more must haves for a truly gorgeous home!



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