HomeTriangle Guides: 10 Absolute must haves for a home with personality!


Underlying every perfect home are a few common elements that make it functional and livable, you interpret them in your own unique way but the basics build a beautiful living space. Here's our list of 10 absolute must haves that bring a home together perfectly.

Whatmakes a house a home? It’s the little touches, the colors or lack of them, thefurniture that's functional or antique, the art on the walls that speaks toyour taste in things. It’s when your home is an extension of your personalityin every way possible. Underlying every perfect home are a few common elementsthat make it functional and livable, you interpret them in your own unique waybut the basics build a beautiful living space.

Here'sour list of 10 absolute must haves that bring a home together perfectly.

ABeautiful Bed 

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Great bedrooms make for sweet dreams 
Yourhome is a place to rest and rejuvenate, so this list starts with the bed. Whenit comes to your bed do you like it high or low or on the floor? Quaintlyantique or super modern straight lines? The bed is the largest piece offurniture in your bedroom, choose a style that is comfortably chic and haspersonality to boot. We've discussed beds in detail in ‘Floor beds – Yes or no’ and seasonal decorating for the bedroom in ‘8 Low commitment ideas to bringspring into the bedroom’. Use our stylish tips for bedroom décor bliss.

A CozyCouch

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Curl up on a comfy couch

Whateveryou choose to call it, the sofa/ couch/ settee, you'll be spending a lot ofyour time on this piece of furniture, reading the morning paper or catching aflick on TV in the evening. Pick the couch to fit your lifestyle and make sureit lasts for years to come with the handy tips in our post on 'How to pick theperfect couch'.


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Keep books and personal items handy in a bedside table
Abedside table is a simple convenience, it's an easy and small, storage cumdisplay for the bedroom that ensures you'll always have personal conveniencesclose by through the night. It's also a great place to prop-up a frame with afavorite family photograph, a glass of water, your current read and stock yourvitamins. Comfortable and convenient but also personal and decor appropriate,so don't do without! Read our post 'Why bedside tables' for more ideas'.

ADelicious Dining Room

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Be the hostess with the mostest with an amazing dining room
Enjoyyour own hospitality by creating the perfect dining room for every occasion,entertaining friends, a family get together or a quiet romantic meal. Yourdining room is where everyone gathers to share a mouthwatering meal,conversation and laughs. Make the experience special with a little help fromus, read our post on ‘A fine dining experience’, to get started.

A BeckoningBathroom

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Make your bathroom as individual as you are with eclectic decor
Washaway the stress of the day with a long soak or a pressure-jet shower. Yourbathroom should be your personal spa cum sanctuary, retreat to this room toenjoy some quality ‘me’ time and read our post on 'Simple decorating ideas forthe bathroom', to personalize it with heavenly but oh-so-simple ideas.


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Do decorated shelves for added decor drama
We allgo through life collecting things that are personal to us like souvenirs fromtravels and books collected over time. Everything that comes into a home shouldhave a space for it to go, this will help avoid that cluttered, unkempt look.Updated modern shelving can be a punchy style statement and is a decor musthave. Browse through our post on '8 Interesting ways with shelves' to get it right.


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Stunning storage out in plain sight
Everyhome needs storage, the more the better in most cases! Time to be super storagesavvy, as suggested in our post 'Hiding storage in plain sight'. You can keepeverything neatly stored and easily available at the same time. 


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Bring some green into your home
Indoorplants can be beautiful, decorative and function as natural air purifiers!We've discussed their oxygen generating and cleansing pluses in our post  'Decorating with plants that purify the air'. If you don't have a green thumbpick a hardy indoor plant that is low maintenance and requires infrequentwatering. An indoor plant will do double duty by looking good andcleaning the air you breathe.


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Clocks can double up as a decor theme

We'reconstantly on the clock, dashing to office or to school, or slowing down tocatch the daily 9 o'clock tele serial! The comings and goings of variousmembers of the household need the perfect time piece to keep things runningsmoothly. Be on time and in style with the suggestions in our post on'Decorating with clocks'.

DIYTool kit

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Assemble a simple tool kit
Everyproud homeowner needs a trusty tool kit for when things occasionally start tofall apart. Your first go-to should be your own tool kit and you can put onetogether easily by referring to our guide on '7 Basic tools every homeownershould own'. Your tool kit will help keep your home looking its best,letting your personality shine through every aspect of home design and décor.

Making informed decisions for every nook and corner of your home was never this easy, just log on to the Hometriangle blog and come away with easy tips and ideas that help make your home simply perfect!



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