5 Inexpensive Updates For A Home Spa Bathroom

A relaxing trip to the spa over the weekend always leaves you refreshed and rejuvenated for the week ahead, giving you a sense of peace and quiet energy! It's time to bring that spa-like zen feel to your home with these ridiculously simple and quite inexpensive updates for your own bathroom. 

Create your own personal spa bathroom with these 5 easy updates.

Let It Rain

Swap out your regular, boring shower head for a rain shower head and enjoy the sensational spa feel every time you take a shower. A rain shower can add to the quality of the space, and is a fairly reasonable update cost wise since it does not require changing pipes, or breaking walls, just remove one shower head and attach the new one for a completely indulgent spa-like experience! You can buy one to suit your budget, expensive rain showers come with inbuilt mood lighting or even as complete ceiling panels if you prefer.

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A rain shower head


Acquire a luxury bath caddy made of a natural wood like pine or teak. Most spas have natural wood finishes in the sauna; bring an element of that look to your shower space with this simple and easy addition.

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A tub caddy made of natural wood for a luxurious spa-like feel

Fabulous Furniture

Most people will not think beyond a vanity counter in the bathroom and maybe some storage for bathroom essentials, but it is after all a room! A piece of furniture like an upholstered chair is a luxurious addition which can be a useful as well as stylish update for your bathroom. You can use it when completing your daily beauty ritual and it looks luxuriously indulgent when not in use. Re-purposing and reupholstering an old chair for the bathroom will save you money and dress up the bathroom!

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An upholstered chair in a bathroom

Musical Shower

The wonders of modern technology have created options for the bathroom too! If you like your music, this update is for you! A rechargeable, water proof Bluetooth speaker is a great addition to your shower space, you can play soothing spa music or pep it up with energetic music for an early morning wake up! This idea is also great for kids to enjoy music during their bath time. Speakers come in a variety of colors and shapes to match the decor of your bathroom and can be installed simply by attaching to the wall with a vacuum suction pad.

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A colorful waterproof Bluetooth speaker

Folding Shower Seat

This is one of those perfect additions that make you wonder why you didn't think of it before. If you use your shower to scrub your feet, hopping from one to the other is uncomfortable not to mention dangerous. Take a leisurely seated shower even if you have a handkerchief sized bathroom as a folding shower seat takes up no dedicated space, when not in use it folds up flat against the wall. A shower seat is also a great option for kids and the elderly, to prevent accidents from slipping in a wet shower. A shower seat is also a convenience during an illness when you may find it difficult to stand.

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Two folding shower seats , one shown folded up, the other extends to create a seat

Implementing these simple and quick updates requires very little investment of your time and money but can still turn around the way your bathroom feels. Enjoy the spa sensation in your own home!

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