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Would you love to have an eye-catching gallery wall in your home? Here's how to create an eye-catching gallery wall to showcase your artwork proudly!

Not art savvy? Would you love to have an eye catching gallery wall in your home? Or perhaps you may find it little tricky to organize the gallery wall. 

Here's how to create an eye catching gallery wall to showcase your artworks proudly!

Pick The Wall

For a perfect wall! A wall that immediately draws attention is best, preferable in a well illuminated area of your home. Even small photo frames hung on your gallery wall should be visible.

wallpaper photo
Sunlight falling on living room gallery wall
Image: Onekindesign.com

interior bedroom design

Living room gallery wall illuminated with lamps
Image: Abeautifulmess.typepad.com
Choose The Frame - Size, Shape and Color

Make a sketch of the display pattern you wish to have, depending on the size and location of the chosen wall. For example, for a broad wall in a living room a central display that divides the visual space is a perfect choice, by comparison a narrow wall or staircase wall, it is good to place artwork in keeping with the shape of the wall. Now, choose a variety of frame sizes and shapes that fit into the planned design. Decide on color, style and material of the frame, and if you want a "mat" to frame the artwork within the frame itself.

interior design for home
Gallery wall featuring photo frames of various sizes, shapes, and color
Image: Harbourbreezehome.com

photo frames with rainbow colored mats

Photo frames with rainbow colored mats
Image: Marthastewart.com

Collect Artwork To Fill Your Frames

It is good idea to decide on a theme and choose artwork for a gallery wall accordingly, if you are on budget fill the frames with your most interesting family photographs.

interior kitchen design
Gallery wall decorated with bird theme
Image: ourhumbleabodeblog.files.wordpress.com

Hanging Up Frames 

Hanging up frames in a pattern can be the tricky part! Accomplish it easily by making a template of the entire arrangement. Trace the frames on paper and tape paper cutouts on the wall in your chosen design. Make any alterations if required. Hammer the nails at the required places, hang the frames and finally, remove the paper.

Consider using picture rails if you do not wish to use nails. Picture rails are perfect choice for those who love changing the display pattern quite often.

interior house design

Gallery wall template made with craft paper
Image: Abeautifulmess.typepad.com
interior room design
Photo frames hung in a pyramid fashion using picture rails
Image: Marthastewart.com

 A well decorated gallery wall will definitely steal the heart of visitors!



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