HomeTriangle Guides: A Low-Maintenance Garden

Read HomeTriangle guide on some tips and strategies to ensure you have a garden that needs less time weeding, mowing, and mulching, and more time enjoying the garden.

HomeTriangle Guides: A Low-Maintenance Garden

Most people love to have a garden. But people stay back from getting a garden because of the time and effort that usually goes into maintaining the garden. While it is true that you cannot achieve a completely no-maintenance garden, there are some tips and tricks to make the garden as low-maintenance as possible.

Read HomeTriangle guide on some tips and strategies to ensure you have a garden that needs less time weeding, mowing, and mulching, and more time enjoying the garden.

1. Outdoor Living Areas

Our experts suggest that instead of just a garden, extend your living space outdoors with dining areas, lounges, and seating nooks around fire pits or water features. Patios, decks, and terraces provide options for entertainment while cutting down planting space and lawns to maintain. These spaces will not only encourage you to enjoy spending time outdoors but will also cut down on maintenance time and effort.

2. Lose The Lawn

It’s common sense that when you have fewer grassy areas, it generally means less time mowing, fertilizing, weeding, and reseeding. However, I understand the appeal of a lawn and if you’re not interested in getting rid of your lawn entirely, consider decreasing its size. I would suggest you keep the lawn size limited and carve out space for an outdoor dining patio.

3. Limit Planting Space

Limiting planting space means you spent less time mowing, mulching, and overall garden maintenance.

4. Choose Suitable Plants

You can save a ton of time and money in the long run when you find the right plant for the right place, even though it might need a little extra effort upfront. When you do a bit of research online, you understand that not all plants are suitable for every situation. For example, citrus is not suitable for slow-draining soil or rhododendrons is not suitable in a dry windswept area. I suggest you stay away from climbing roses, fucus, or wisteria if you don’t have the time for pruning. The best thing to do is to choose plants that naturally grow in your area or similar regions that need little care to thrive.

5. Adopt A Modern & Minimalist Look

It’s better to choose easy-care shrubs in a sleek hardscape instead of fussy flower beds that require a lot of time and effort. When you implement a contemporary garden with a diverse and interesting hardscape, you get not only a beautiful garden but also one that requires little to no effort to maintain.

6. Choose Perennials For Color

Perennials are some of the most necessary and easiest additions you can have in your garden. I suggest you get a few hardy perennials for color instead of plants with a seasonal bloom. Plus, most perennials offer more for pollinators in terms of pollen and nectar than bedding plants bred for color.

6.Create A Spot To Relax

The main goal of your garden should be to encourage you to spend more time outdoors. To make it so, you have to ensure it is as inviting as it can be. Set up a hammock, pull a pair of chairs under a shade tree, or spread a cheerful outdoor rug down on the patio. Then sit back and relax.

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