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The one convenience every garden needs is a hose! And while your hose has made watering your garden easier, finding a place to store it without it getting bent is a problem.

No matter the size of your garden, the one convenience every garden needs is a hose! And while your hose has made watering your garden easier, finding a place to store it without it getting bent, torn or tangled in a heap can be a problem. Leaving a hose lying about looks messy and even poses a safety hazard. 

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A stylishly patterned pot used as hose storage

Put away your garden hose by implementing one of these simple but thoughtful ideas for attractive and convenient hose storage.


If you weren't able to get your hand on a retractable hose, you’ll need to find a good place to keep your hose. A large faux bamboo or rattan basket, preferably one that has a lid is an attractive option to keep your hose in. This is one garden accessory that will blend in well with your garden decor

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 A basket for your hose 


Another great way to keep your hose out of sight is to store it in a large earthen pot with a lid. The lid will keep your hose out of sight as well as protect it from the elements.

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An earthen pot used for hose storage

DIY Bucket 

If you happen to find one of your grandmother’s old galvanized steel buckets lying about, don’t throw it out! Use the bucket for a simple DIY hose storage project, just nail the bucket to the wall and coil your hose around it. Use the hollow inside the bucket to store a few small garden implements as well as sprinklers and other attachments for the hose.

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A galvanized bucket re-purposed as hose storage

Faucet Mount Hose Holder

The best way to place the garden hose as close to the tap as possible, is a faucet mount hose holder. Make sure that your tap is sturdy and well mounted to be able to support the weight of the hose.

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A sturdy faucet mount hose holder

Holder Station

A holder station is another great way to store your hose after use. There are several hose holder station designs available online. Make sure you pick up a holder that is made of rust-free aluminum as it will get wet constantly, this is storage for a watering hose after all!

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A hose holder station is perfect for hoses of all sizes
Hose Reel

If you have a sprawling garden and own a 100 foot hose to match, investing in a hose reel will save you the daily chores of carrying it across the length and breadth of your garden, and reeling in that extra long hose manually. A hose reel usually comes with a number of different adapters and one of its advantages is that there is no need to unreel the entire hose to use it.

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A garden reel that allows you easy movement

Wall Mounted Hose Reel

The wall mounted hose reel is similar to the portable hose reel except that it is usually mounted near the water source. Opt for a swivel wall mounted design to conveniently let you reel in your hose at any angle.

Article Image
A wall mounted hose reel

Storage Cabinet

If you don’t have a garage that doubles up as a storage shed for all your garden equipment, create much needed garden storage by purchasing a storage trunk or cabinet. Place the cabinet in an easily accessible location, preferably close to the water source, so that you don’t have to carry your hose from one end of the garden to the other everyday.

Article Image
A storage cabinet for your hose 

Enjoy watering your garden everyday, and come time to put away your hose, do it stylishly!



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