Understanding The Calming Colors For A Bedroom

Find out the best calming colors for a bedroom and how every colour affect our mood and behavior. Bedroom color palette that can make you feel relaxed and composed.

Understanding The Calming Colors For A Bedroom

Colors can define any situation or any reaction. In simple words, color is a power that influences the soul. Often we hear statements like, the color is too bright, the color is soothing or the color is dull. Guess what! These statements say a lot about moods and behaviors influenced by specific colors. Interior Designers and color specialists always pair intriguing combinations of colors with complimenting lights. This has a simple explanation,  Color psychology. Researches in the past show a lot of understanding as to what is the reason behind the changing trends in the color scheme of houses? How does color affect our mood and behavior? There are instilled effects of colors that surround us and it is not that often we realize mood swings and behavioral change due to it. In this article you will find out:

  1. Color Psychology
  2. Influence of colors
  3. Colors and their significance
  4. Best colors for your bedroom
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Color Psychology

Color is more than just a visual reception. According to color psychology, the human mind is attracted to colors and schemes, that in return changes the neurology it works in. In other words, color is a catalyst, on which our visual receptors keenly focus and pass signals to our brain to function smoothly. Different colors have different reactions, but generally, specific colors have common reactions to them. For example, red is usually referred to as a depiction of danger that is mostly used in places like signboards, signals etc. For some people, it might also depict aggression or energy. Just like this, our brain has particular perceptions about a few colors which can deeply impact our mood and behavior.

Colour Psychology

Influence of Colors

Colors can deeply influence us psychologically. They affect:

  1. Our Taste- Ever wandered to your kitchen and instantly felt hungry? Or walking in your kitchen and feeling like not eating anything? Brown makes you hungry and blue in a kitchen might kill your appetite.
  2. Our Perception- Color influences the way we perceive people. Suppose you go to a house and you find every corner illuminating bright colors, the first thought that might come to your mind is maybe the person is over joyful and enthusiastic. This is how we perceive people on their choices of colors.
  3. Our Temperature- A blue room in your house may make you feel cold as compared to a room with warm yellow and orange shades. Colors define our body temperature.
  4. Our Decisions- A room painted with very dull shades will impact differently as compared to a room painted in tainted bright colors. We often make decisions based on our mood.
  5. Our Performance- Based on the surrounding colors we often tend to motivate ourselves. Colors define our performance behaviors.
  6. Physiologically- Colors can create body commands, such as red create a sign of alertness and our mind work to pay attention when we are in that surrounding.
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Colors and their significance

Every person has their own understanding of colors although sources suggest that there are certain similar reactions for every color. Following are a few most used home colors and what they represent:

  1. Red- Excitement, Strength, Love and Energy
  2. Orange- Confidence, Success, Bravery
  3. Yellow- Creativity, Happiness, warmth
  4. Green- Nature, Healing, Freshness, Quality
  5. Blue- Trust, Peace, Loyalty, Competitiveness
  6. Pink- Compassion, Sincerely, Sophistication
  7. Purple- Royalty, Luxury, Spirituality
  8. Brown- Dependable, Rugged, Trustworthy
  9. Black- Formality, Dramatic, Sophistication
  10. White- Clean, Simplicity, Innocence, Honest

Colors play a very important role in any home setting as they showcase many personality traits. They can be very difficult to choose when going for a complete home transformation. Get an idea of what color combinations go well together or try out an online color palette. Different color shades influence differently but all together, colors generally influence many aspects of humans.

Color Psychology and what they represent

Best Colors For Your Bedroom

How to choose the right combination for your bedroom to lift your mood? Take a look at these interesting and trending colors palette-

Lavender Bedroom

Lavender: This is the new soothing color that helps you relax and also feel royal whenever you enter your bedroom. Traditionally known to relate with luxury and royalty, lavender or tainted purple is the new mood up lifter.

Pastel Green Bedroom

Pastel or Hush Green: Green depicts nature and freshness, which definitely makes you feel ready for a new day.

Tranquil White Bedroom

Tranquil White: Best known for its classic and modern looks, tranquil white makes your small room look bigger and relaxing.

Blue and Gray Bedroom

Blue with Gray: Blue with gray textured walls are the new royal combinations that lifts your mood up because of the coziness they offer together. Perfect for a bedroom.

Dusty Ink Bedroom

Dusty Pink: Have you been avoiding pink? It’s time you paint your walls with baby pink or dusty pink because it can definitely increase compassion, sincerely towards life. Its sophisticated look makes your room look royal and luxurious.

Beige and Green Bedroom

Beige with Green: Beige and green together gives a chic look to your bedroom. Its creates more space and freshness for the eyes.

Light Yellow Bedroom

Light Yellow: A room with considerably less natural light, it is important to have walls that create warmth and coziness. Choosing a shade of blue or black can make you feel cold at almost every day.

Rustic Red Bedroom

Rustic Red: A shade of red that promotes coziness, passion, strength. This room color will definitely make you feel warm excited everyday.

Colors that you should avoid in your room is orange that can camouflage your mind to feel enthusiastic even when you are not in a position to feel like that, eventually leading to body and head aches. Pastel Blue stand for safety that is mostly used in hospitals and health departments. It can make you feel confused if used in your bedroom.

Even with the correct knowledge of color psychology sometimes its very difficult to come with a permanent set of palette for your house. HomeTriangle connects you to the best professionals and service providers who can make this work really easy for you!

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