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Top 5 bridal makeup artist in Chennai

Viji's Makeover

Viji's Makeover

Very Good



  • Verified

79 home services completed

2 Years In Business

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Serves in Chennai

Hemasri Reddy says, "She did best and would like to hire her here on. Very p..." Read More

Sripali Beauty Saloon

Sripali Beauty Saloon




Top pro

  • Verified

51 home services completed

7 Years In Business

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Serves in Chennai

Esha says, "She is amazing in service ..."

Responds in 10 hours

Wings Of Beauty

Wings Of Beauty




  • Verified

55 home services completed

5 Years In Business

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Serves in Chennai

Magana Yadav says, "They are professionals in service..."

Makeover By Jothilakshmi

Makeover By Jothilakshmi




  • Verified

13 home services completed

4 Years In Business

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Serves in Chennai

Ashiu says, "She is very good n helpful she suggest us what to b don..." Read More

Shrutipa Bridal Makeup Studio

Shrutipa Bridal Makeup Studio




20 home services completed

8 Years In Business

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Serves in Chennai

Padma says, "Recently, I had the opportunity to fix Shruthipa's Make..." Read More

Frequently Asked Questions

How experienced are your makeup artists?

Our makeup artists are industry professionals with several years of experience specializing in bridal makeup. They are trained in the latest techniques and trends, ensuring brides receive a timeless and elegant look.

What bridal makeup services does HomeTriangle offer?

HomeTriangle offers a comprehensive range of bridal makeup services tailored to every bride's unique needs. Our services encompass traditional, contemporary, airbrush, and HD makeup, ensuring every bride looks her radiant best on her special day.

Can I get a trial session before my wedding day?

Absolutely! HomeTriangle believes in ensuring every bride is confident and comfortable with her makeup choice. We offer trial sessions allowing brides to finalize their desired look before the big day.

Do you provide hair styling and other beauty services?

Yes, our bridal package is holistic. Apart from makeup, we offer hair styling, draping, nail art, and other essential beauty services, making it a one-stop solution for brides.

Is the makeup used of high quality and skin-friendly?

Our commitment to quality is paramount. We use only top-tier, branded products that are hypoallergenic, ensuring not just beauty but also the health of the bride's skin.

How long before the wedding should I book the bridal makeup service?

We recommend booking your bridal makeup service at least 1 month in advance, especially during wedding seasons, to ensure availability and adequate preparation time.

Can you accommodate last-minute changes or requests?

HomeTriangle aims for flexibility to ensure our brides' satisfaction. While we always advise finalizing details early, we do our best to accommodate last-minute changes or requests.

Do you offer makeup services for the entire bridal party?

Yes, we cater to the entire bridal party. We provide group packages that include makeup for bridesmaids, mother of the bride, and other family members, ensuring a cohesive and stunning look for all.

What precautions are taken considering the current health scenario?

The health and safety of our clients are of utmost importance. Our makeup artists follow stringent sanitation protocols, use sterilized tools, and wear protective gear to ensure a safe makeup application process.

What if I'm unsure about the type of makeup look I want?

No worries! Our makeup artists will consult with you, understanding your preferences and providing expert advice to craft the perfect bridal look tailored to your personality and the wedding theme.

All About Bridal Makeup

Why Bridal Makeup Matters

Your wedding is a big deal, and you want to look your best. This is why you need a makeup artist, especially one that comes to your home.

Why Get Makeup Done at Home?

  1. Easy & Simple: No traveling. You stay put, and the makeup artist comes to you.
  2. All About You: In your home, the makeup artist can focus only on you.
  3. Clean and Safe: You know your home is clean, so you dont have to worry.

Picking Your Makeup Artist

  1. Know-How: Look for a makeup artist with good experience and lots of looks to show.
  2. They Listen: They should care about what you want.
  3. Good Stuff: They should use top-notch makeup.

Whats Hot in Bridal Makeup

  1. Natural Looks: Light and simple to show off your real beauty.
  2. Bold Styles: Strong colors and big contrasts for those who want to stand out.
  3. Old-school Cool: Modern twists on classic looks.

Trying Out Makeup Before the Wedding

  1. Why?: Try before you buy. See your wedding look before the big day.
  2. What Happens?: The artist will test a few styles on you.
  3. A Tip: Wear something white, like your dress, and talk to your artist.

What Youll Pay

Costs change based on:

  1. Who the artist is.
  2. The makeup they use.
  3. If you want extras like hair done too.

Getting Your Skin Ready

  1. Skin Care: Start cleaning and caring for your skin months before.
  2. Facials: They make your skin look fresh.
  3. Drink Water: It keeps the skin looking nice.

On Makeup Day

  1. Talk: Remind your artist about what you want.
  2. Stay Calm: Make sure you and your artist are relaxed.
  3. Take Your Time: Don’t rush the makeup.

After the Wedding

  1. Take Off Makeup: Use something gentle on your skin.
  2. Moisturize: Put on a good cream afterward.

Look for Reviews

Always see what others say about the makeup artist. Friends and family might also suggest someone good.

To conclude, opting for an at-home bridal makeup artist is a wise choice. Its all about convenience and personalization. With a skilled makeup artist, youre assured to shine on your special day. Communicate your vision, ensure youre on the same page, and every bride will be the belle of the ball. Ready to find the perfect artist? Turn to HomeTriangle and let us guide you to the best.

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