World Environment Day 2022: A Short Guide To Sustainable Living

Our surroundings, Our environment are boons of nature that we get to utilize daily. That is precisely why it is important to acknowledge their importance on world environment day.

World Environment Day 2022: A Short Guide To Sustainable Living
Join hands to save earth

World Environment Day is celebrated on the 5th of June every year. It is the day to acknowledge and figure out ways and steps to mitigate our carbon footprint on the earth. We live in a world that is so fast-paced and self-serving that we often forget, that Earth is the one sheltering it. And earth needs protection, it needs to be kept safe, and the rich biodiversity it possesses is in an urgent need of preservation.

World Environment Day 2022 focuses on a theme called ‘Only one Earth’.

World Environment day 2022

A report has been established by the United Nations saying that the world loses enough forest to cover a football field every year. Environmental restoration is not just about embracing nature, it is also about preventing the recurring loss that our planet so easily goes through daily. The greenhouse gases like carbon monoxide have had a drastic impact on the functions of the natural environment. Excessive population growth, unregulated industry habits, poor waste management, excessive hunting, and poaching has led to severe fluctuations in the atmosphere.

The main objective of the theme, “Only one Earth” is to make us aware of the carbon footprint we so unconsciously keep on leaving. While some billionaires hold a bounteous dream of living on Mars with all their fancy jets and tech. It is vitally important to think about our time on earth and what measures we can take to save the planet we are already living in. Only one earth is a concept that has become increasingly realistic in recent times. The theme forces us to recognize the glaringly obvious facts that we are not the only ones calling Earth our home, there are other species of plants and animals who are highly dependent too.

Only one Earth

The last year’s theme Reimagine, Recreate, and Restore stood for figuring out the eco-friendly alternative ways for our lifestyles, ways that don’t hinder the life of other creatures, producing quality products while keeping Mother Nature in mind, and always making an attempt to revive the already injured parts of nature.

While one might comment saying it is easier said than done, the United Nations has already established a global mission to recover billions of forest and farm areas since they are the ones supplying oxygen to all of the worlds. This measure will surely help in minimizing Global Warming, however, an unrelenting consequence will only come when we act on an individual level.

What you can do on World Environment Day?

World Environment Day
  • Start talking, Spread awareness: As a responsible citizen thinks of this as your duty to help people understand the problems the earth is facing and the steps we can take to mitigate them. Any significant change we want to make should start with us. There are too many people out there who are uninformed but wish to learn. Talking to them, and helping them (could be a great contribution from your end) understand greenhouse gases and their effects, global warming, and many other pressing ecological concerns that plague the very survival of the earth and of us.
Plant trees
  • Plant more trees: Planting trees on world environment day is a good thing as long as you take care of the plant the day after that, so on and so forth until it grows completely. Planting more trees will help the earth to restore its oxygen levels and creates a shelter for numerous species of birds, animals, and insects. You can even build a small garden around or at the back of your house. A tiny garden consisting of your favorite plants, fruits, and veggies. Hometriangle has a comprehensive guide about building your garden, do check it out.
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  • Walk more, Use Public Transport if need be: Public transport is one of the many things that are accessible to every one of us. While we are already aware of the effects emissions from vehicles have on the environment, this is just one of many steps we can take to impact a positive change. The advent of electrical vehicles predictably might help minimize pollution as well.

Keep Calm and Go Green

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We have one earth, the only one richly supporting life as we know it, we must strive to keep it that way. To ensure a sustainable future, it now has become increasingly important to head-on with the fact that Earth has limited resources at its disposal and humanity must strive to judiciously utilize them. Let's keep close to nature, practice an environmentally friendly lifestyle and mindfully enjoy the earth’s many gifts.