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You'll never want to buy vegetables at the store again once you've eaten these deliciously fresh, homegrown veggies from your own garden. Learn how to grow them easily.

You'll never want to buy vegetables at the store again once you've eaten these deliciously fresh, home grown veggies from your own garden. As an added plus these are really easy to grow, full of nutrients and will save you a pretty packet too!


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Tomatoes fill up a pot!
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Tomatoes find their way into salads, curries and basic masala for pretty much everything in the Indian kitchen! So why not grow your own? You'll be able to pluck the freshest red tomatoes straight from your own garden, full of vitamins, minerals and nutrients for your family. Pick the right seeds and plant in a sunny spot in a pot or in your garden and you'll have a profusely fruiting tomato plant that needs very little care and will reward you with its edible fruit! Find out how to grow and fertilize your tomato plant the right way here.

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Grow your own zingy chilies
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Green Chili

Like a little zing in your curries or want to bite into a spicy chili as an accompaniment to your meal? Grow a green chili plant in your kitchen garden or even in a pot on your balcony. Chilies like a sunny spot, and moist clay like soil and are easy to grow year round, depending on your local weather conditions. Here is a guide for growing chilies to get you going.


Spinach is a really easy food to grow, it's fast growing, matures quickly, and is hardy and forgiving of new gardeners! Use a shallow tray to grow your spinach from seed, and harvest only the mature leaves, leaving the roots in the soil to be able to harvest leaves from the same plant for up to 4 or 5 times!

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Spinach grows well in shallow trays
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Eggplants are tropical or sub-tropical plants, that love high temperatures! They're easy to grow in the ground or in a pot, keep them well watered and in a hot sunny spot and they will give you large, shiny eggplants in 16 to 24 weeks of sowing!

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Shiny eggplant can be grown in a pot
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This long, narrow, pod-like vegetable has such a pretty name! Grow it in the ground, keeping plants at a distance of 12 inches from each other and keep soil consistently moist till the plant flowers, watering twice daily if possible, and you should have fresh ladyfinger sabzi at least once a week from your own garden every week this summer!

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Ladyfingers have a pretty name and pretty flowers too!
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Cucumbers are hardy and easy to grow once you get past the starting stage. Perfect to plant in April, pick the right seed variant for your local weather, place the plant in a sunny spot near a wall or fence for the vines to climb along and you should have perfect succulent, juicy cucumbers to bite into in June!

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Cucmber plants can give you a good crop for fresh summer salads
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Green Onions

Add fresh green onions to your stir fries or sabzis this summer by growing them in a pot in your balcony or a sunny spot in your garden. onion seeds or Kalonji is found in most Indian kitchens because the seed is used in cooking too! just grab a handful of seeds and sow in well fertilized soil that has been turned over to air it out. water sparingly till the seeds establish and then watch the bulbs grow! You can harvest just the greens or the entire spring onion if you like.

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Multiple green onions plants can be grown in one pot
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The right weather conditions combined with the right sized container, and depending on the time you can spare to give to your vegetable garden you can grow most vegetables at home. If you are a novice gardener be sure to start with the easy plants that are fast to bear fruit and can be harvested soon to give your enthusiasm a little boost on your way to growing more challenging vegetables!



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