Say Hello to the Summer Season: Cool and Refreshing Summer Home Decor Tips

Summer is the perfect time to transform your home into a soothing oasis. Cheat the sun and beat the heat this summer by refreshing your home decor.

The sun is shining bright, the days are getting longer, the temperature is warmer, and the birds are chirping - signalising the arrival of the summer season. Summer is the time to celebrate the vibrant energy and be more productive. The urge for cool and refreshing air arises when the hot winds strike! Isn’t it? And what can be better than transforming our home this summer? 

Not everyone can access the luxury of getting away for the summer to a cool place. Even if you do, for how long will you get away? It is a ‘not-so-pleasant’ idea to hide away from the heat. A fun and convenient idea will be summer-friendly home decor tips to make your home cooler. 

Refresh Your Home Indoors

Interior of a Living Room

As the heat becomes unbearable, it directly causes the home surface to turn warmer. The AC can cool down the temperature inside. No, wait! Being inside the home in AC is a bad idea as you will experience many health problems through this. Refreshing your indoors this summer is not a high-budget deal now. Follow these home decor tips and wave hello to the summer season!

Clutter-Free Atmosphere

How to achieve nice summer home decor? Decorate all areas of your home - living room, bedroom, kitchen, guest room, and bathroom. Avoid cluttering, or else the neatness is killed there only. You will experience bad smells often during summer if you keep your home cluttered. You are decorating your home for refreshment, not cluttering. The living room and kids’ room should be in a ‘strict vigilance’ in summer.

Fancy Summer Kitchen

Your kitchen should be clean and summer-ready. If you are feeling an inner want to change the look of your kitchen, then add magnets, decals, and stickers to reflect the summer season. Decal kitchen cabinets are inexpensive, non-toxic, and easy to apply and remove. Most decals can be used on almost any surface - glass doors, windows, and wall borders. Decals add rays of colour, texture, dimension, and specific themes to any room. 

Bedroom Makeover

You need to add a bedroom makeover to your summer home decor list. Give a changeover to the monotonous look of the bedroom. Change the pillows and bedspreads, and add wall art for a relaxing summer ambience.

Fresh Bathroom

To decorate the home bathroom, you can use bright colours or select a calming theme (beach style) to add a crisp and fresh look that aligns well with the summer season. Clean the bathroom in a set routine to avoid foul smells and attracting insects.

Cool Summer Home Decor

Potted Green Plants for Home Decor

The sun is flashing the heat on your head, but you can be one step closer to refreshment. Accessorise the home surroundings by considering little things. Seek closely to those home decor that can be your cooling guide. While you are thinking, do not forget to read some easily accessible home decor items below-

Bring The Outdoors In

What can be more beautiful than adding flowers and plants indoors? Nature is a gift, a pleasure to the eyes, a cooling aid to warmer days, and the liveliest example of scenic beauty. A beautiful bunch of summer flowers is best for summer home decor. A bouquet of sunflowers in vases (when arranged well) adds style to the home. Arrange the flowers in vases, ceramic pots, bowls, or tin buckets. Bring in green plants and decorate your home's inside corners with greenery and natural beauty.

Wire Mesh Doors

Circulation of air inside the home is essential and can be possible by installing a wire mesh door on all door frames that face outdoors. If you keep the wire mesh doors in place, you can leave the exact door open to circulate the air in and out of your home. It will keep the temperature inside from being oppressively hot. A wire mesh door will also keep the mosquitoes and other pests away. Enjoy a happy evening breeze in summer without falling sick!

Soothing Scents

Want to get rid of bad smells inside the homes? This is required to keep your home fragrance fresh and pleasant in summer. Use Potpourri for a light fragrance (of lemon or citronella). Potpourri provides a gentle and natural summer scent. Use essential oils like lavender, peppermint or citrus for a cooling and uplifting atmosphere. Essential oils can also keep bugs at bay. They are best at providing dual functionality. Try diffusers or scented candles for a mild fragrance. (Scented candles can add to the aesthetic appeal of the home decor.)

Summer-Ready Outdoors 

Hanging Hammock in a Tropical House Balcony

Welcoming Outdoors

Do you like your home entrance filled with dirt? In summer, the exteriors of your home usually welcome dirt and heat. To get rid of it, put flower pots, plants, flowers, urns, and barrels if you have a good space. It can be pleasant on the eyes and will have a calming effect. Clean the entrance well. You can hang the small plants to make them look appealing and welcoming.

Illuminate Balcony and Terrace

The challenging phase in summer is to step out in the burning temperature. Sounds difficult? The sun's rays do not allow us to roam outside. Set up your balcony and terrace as a little entertaining gateway for you. Adding flowers and plants will act as natural air purifiers and soothing elements. The seasonal summer flowers can add to the fragrance in bloom. Add lanterns, tiki torches, chairs, and a portable water cooler or a mist fan to enjoy the balmy evening. It can be relaxing for you after a hectic day to just sit under the sky full of stars at night. You can even keep containers full of water for the birds.

Hang a Hammock 

It feels super amazing to have a hammock! A hammock can be ideal for the summer when hung outside the home (on the balcony or terrace). You can also have it inside your home. But the natural phenomenon of enjoying laying down on a hammock- that beachy feel makes it a great addition to your home decor. Read a book, get a nap, enjoy Netflix, stare at the stars, or just chill. Are you thinking of hanging a hammock? Then you are one step closer to making your home summer-ready. 

Summer Word on Sandy Beach

Side away the laziness or any excuse of ‘it is so hot’ with these quick summer decor tips that will cool and refresh your home surroundings! I hope you made your plan to relax and enjoy the summertime by decorating your home and preparing well for the rising heat. Let this year’s summertime be an incredible one.

Make sure your homes do not feel sweaty this summer!!!!!