House Shifting: How much do movers and packers cost?

Moving and packing have no fixed rate but it does depend on many factors. Here is a detailed description of your next move.

House Shifting: How much do movers and packers cost?

How is it calculated?

Moving and packing have a lot of calculations required to transit goods from one place to another. It does depend on many factors and thus can only be calculated according to these. Although there is no fixed rate on how much it would cost to hire professional movers, it can be well estimated based on the following factors-

moving and packing Services

Take a look at the following factors

  1. Distance: The more the transport distance the more the rate goes high. Due to rules and precautions taken during the transport, professionals charge as per the kilometres they have to travel. Inter-city and out-state moving distances are more and so the charge is way up than a local move.
  2. Quantity of goods: The number of items or the number of your belongings can also determine the cost of moving. If you have goods in bulk the rates are high. The weight and quantity are directly proportional to the moving cost.
  3. Moving Materials: When you hire professionals they also charge you for the packing materials involved.
  4. Labor Requirement: A big move and packing require a good amount of manpower and thus the rates also vary depending on the people involved.
  5. Physical Involvement: The more efforts required in moving and packing the more packing companies charge according to the physical efforts given.
  6. Transportation Vehicle: Moving in broad terms depend on this factor. The more goods you have the bigger the vehicle is required and so the size of the vehicle determines the cost. There can be subcategories in the vehicles used as well, that is, the vehicle is dedicated to only your goods or is shared with their other customers. This way the cost is also divided.
  7. Time: The more time the company has to get involved in your process, the higher the process. Time is directly proportional to cost here.
  8. Experience of the company: A lot of companies increase their charges with the goodwill and experience they have in moving and packing. Packers and movers gain experience and ultimately reduce your efforts and stress, therefore they increase the rates.
  9. Additional Services: The cost may also increase in case you ask for additional services such as unpacking, assembling, disassembly, arrangement etc.
  10. Taxes: In India, moving and packing costs can also depend on the state-wise  GST or toll tax or octroi in case of inter-state shifting.

Depending on the distance factor, here is a list of costs depending on the size of the place for local shifting:

local moving and packing cost

Depending on the distance factor, here is a list of costs depending on the size of the place for distance shifting:

distance moving and packing cost

Other than the usual home shifting the cost may also vary for the following components:

office moving and packing cost

Mentioned in Moving and Packing Tips, there are many easy hacks that you can pack although moving goods requires very strong team of professionals.

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