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Relocating is a stressful process and hiring the right packing professional packers and movers can make your move much easier as they efficiently manage the logistics of packing and moving your personal belongings, ensuring that they are not damaged and arrive at your destination in a timely and convenient manner.

To hire a packer and mover, start by asking friends, family and colleagues for recommendations for packing and moving services that they may have used in the past. Follow this up by checking for online listings and reviews for packing and moving services and create a shortlist of viable options. It is advisable to opt for packing and moving services that have offices at both the city that you are currently located in as well as your destination city to ensure that you have easy access to the packing and moving company when you arrive at your destination. This is especially important incase of delays, damages or insurance claim settlements.

The next step is to ask for an in-home evaluation from 3 to 4 packing and moving services. A professional from the packers and movers will visit your home to assess the furniture, household items and personal belongings to be packed and explain the packing process that the company follows including details like the materials that they use, the time and labor required to pack your belongings as well as the logistics of the move itself, i.e. whether your items will be moved by road, train, air etc.

Other costs like insurance coverage costs, the claims process incase of damages and any other additional fees like custom clearances or door to door pick-up and delivery options and respective additional charges should also be explained to you at this stage.

Following the assessment the packers and movers will provide an estimated cost depending on your specific requirements. Once you receive the estimated do not hesitate to call the packers and movers if you have additional questions or if there is anything in the estimate that you do not understand. Compare estimates provided by the packers and movers that you are vetting and choose a company with an estimate that covers all the aspects required by you and fits your budget.

At the time of the actual packing, the team from the packers and movers will arrive with packing materials at your home. The time required for packing your home will depend on many factors, for example some pieces of furniture may need to be dismantled before packing, and breakable items like crockery will require special care while packing. Packers and movers should ideally move from room to room, finishing one before packing another. Any items packed in cardboard boxes will be numbered and labeled, and a detailed list with descriptions of the packed items will be drawn up while the packing is being done. This list is an important document, and is normally made in multiple copies on the packer and movers letterhead to provide an accurate reference of items packed incase of any damages, disputes or claims at a later date. This itemised list will be attached to the receipt provided by the packer and mover as a record of the materials being moved.

Finally, it is important that you have a phone number at which you can reach the packers and movers for the duration of the move, incase of any other eventualities like changes in your travel plans, etc.

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