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Connect with self storage facility near you to make life easier

Connect with self storage to make life easier

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Specific Relocations
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2124 home services completed
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Saraswati Dhingra  says, “Very reliable team friendly and reasonably priced. ”
Supreme Movers & Packers
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1717 home services completed
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Jothimurugan  says, “Excellent coordination ”

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Top Recent Customer Reviews

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    “30000 sft warehouse available for lease near NH 44 Sai asharam road, Kndlakoyya good access to ORR exit 6 Medchal call 9849685350”

    Oct, 29 2023 |  World Cargo Packers

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    “Had a very pleasant experience .. Mr. Rathod is a genuine and trustworthy person. ”

    Aug, 11 2023 |  Uni World Packers And Movers

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    “Professional ”

    Jul, 06 2022 |  Skyfly Packers And Movers Pvt Ltd

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    “I have been using Storage Services for a year now. They are very professional and the service is excellent. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking to rent a self storage unit.”

    Jun, 24 2022 |  Sri Vinayaka Storage Services

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    “I am working with Avati Safe Storage for a few months now and I am really happy with the way they handle my needs. They are efficient and professional, always ready to help me solve my problems. I would definitely recommend their services to other people who need their storage solutions.”

    Jun, 22 2022 |  Avati Safe Storage

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    “Bhoomika Storagians company is Very knowledgeable person. Efficient servicing at affordable price. Recommend their storage service”

    Jun, 22 2022 |  Bhoomika Storagians

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    “I am a long time customer of Komes Group, I have used their services for more than 10 years. I am completely satisfied with their service and value which is why we are still using them.”

    Jun, 22 2022 |  Komes Group

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    “I've been working with Household Warehousing Services for two years now. The first year I was not satisfied with the content of their service. They were constantly changing the templates and even changing their pricing structure. After a year of this, I decided to give them another chance, this time being more professional and reliable. Today, they are one of my favorite services in HubSpot”

    Jun, 22 2022 |  Household Warehousing Services

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    “I have been a customer of Durai Ocean for several years now. They are very professional and very helpful. Every time I have asked a question they have responded promptly and I only request the help that is needed. I shop around quite often; however, Durai Ocean always comes up with the best value in self storage !”

    Jun, 22 2022 |  Durai Ocean Industries

  10. J


    “I am using Donracks for the past six years and they are excellent with my requirements. I would recommend them to anyone who are looking for trusted self storage .”

    Jun, 22 2022 |  Donracks

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    “I have worked with PM Cargo Relocation for almost 3 years now. I have nothing but complete and love working with them. From start to end, the service has been professional, competitive and convenient. ”

    Jun, 22 2022 |  PM Cargo Relocation

  12. R


    “I have been using BAM MOVE for a lots of years and have always been happy with the work they do. The most recent move I made was to Florida and BAM MOVE handled the move completely with no issues at all, which is pretty rare in this industry. I would highly recommend them! ”

    Jun, 22 2022 |  B A M Cargo Movers

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    “Perfect Packers and Storage is very knowledgeable and efficient. They service my storage unit as needed. The price is very reasonable. I highly recommend their services ”

    Jun, 22 2022 |  Perfect Packers and Storage

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    “Amith is a very knowledgeable person. He provides great service in the storage area. He is very efficient at servicing customers and offers affordable packages. Would highly recommend their services to anyone looking for a self storage unit at reasonable rates.”

    Jun, 22 2022 |  Amith Warehouse

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    “I recommend Modicare DP Store Distribution Point for their services. They have a very knowledgeable and efficient staff who is available to serve me whenever I need assistance with my sales. They can also offer additional consulting services which really add value to the process of expanding and evolving my sales in the local market.”

    Jun, 22 2022 |  Modicare DP Store Distribution Point

All About Self Storage

Self-Storage Facility in your location One stop solution for household storage needs

Moving your things from one place to another may look like a daunting task. Decluttering your house or apartment is indeed stressful when you are going to do it on your own. Are you worried about the safety of your goods? Fret not! With a storage facility in your location, you can store all your items safely and securely and create space at your home. 

There are various occasions where you need a self-storage solution. When you are renovating your house or when you are relocating for studies within India or abroad or when you are refurnishing, you need reliable storage for household goods such as furniture, beddings and other personal belongings. With the help of a storage facility, you can store those goods temporarily until you are ready to move back. 

Why Hometriangles Storage Facility in your location?

Hometriangle is a platform that provides household storage services to store your household goods. Our self-storage service in your location offers safe and secure storage of household goods. When required, you can conveniently access your belongings from the storage units in Bangalore. These self-storage units come in varied sizes to suit your storage needs. And we provide short-term and long-term household storage services.

The goods are packed with superior material and transported with the right technique. As the professionals handle your goods, there will not be any breakage or any other kind of damage. We ensure that your items are in a safe condition while transiting from one place to another. So, there is no risk of breaking or getting lost. We manage and operate all our facilities with the utmost care and without compromising on the quality.

We understand your priorities and concerns. We not only provide household storage services but also moving and packing services. So, hire movers and packers to take that load off your shoulders. Our highly skilled professional will coordinate with you to assess your specific self-storage needs. Packers and movers guarantee safety for your goods as the professionals have experienced in moving items from one part of the country to another. The main benefit of movers and packers is that we pack your items properly in your presence and also transport them to the right address provided by you.

Whether it is for the international moving or domestic moving, customize your cost-effective household storage services through HomeTriangle to provide you with a seamless moving experience. Contact us for all your household storage services needs today through Hometriangle!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I schedule a pickup?

With our self-storage service in your location, you can schedule a pickup by contacting us right away.

2. How do you know whether all your belongings are secure in a storage facility in your location?

Our onsite facility managers monitor the facility throughout the day and there is no risk of your items getting lost. Each of our properties is enclosed and locked for security purposes.

3. What are the items that you cannot store in storage units in your location?

You cannot store gold, silver, toxic materials, perishables, hazardous materials and flammable liquids. Please contact us if you need a specific item that you would like to store.

4. Will movers help you pack?

Yes, we pack your items safely with high-quality packing material. We pack and move your items to the storage units in your location.

5. Who picks up your items?

We work with professional domestic and international moving companies to move your items into the storage units in your location. These professional movers are experienced, background checked and available to help you with moving and packing.

6. Where are your items being stored?

Your items are stored in secure storage warehouses that are secured and monitored 24/7. The movers will unload your goods and organize them so that they are stored safely and efficiently.

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