6 Most Common A/C Problems and their Effective Solutions

Facing troubles with your AC? Know the basic possible problems that might cause the troubles and the possible solutions.

6 Most Common  A/C  Problems and their Effective Solutions

Summer is here and considering the unbearable heat that it has brought with it, gearing up your Air conditioning systems is the best way for keeping it cool. However, if your A/C is not kept in top-notch conditions then the possibility of it being prone to simple damages is probable. You can have a read about Dos and Donts while you are having trouble with A/C.

One does not need to be a pro in identifying and solving the simple issues presented in an A/C. In this blog, we present to you, some of the common A/C issues and their possible solutions.

These are the most common problems that we might face with our A/Cs:

  1. A/C not turning on
  2. A/C blowing hot air
  3. A/C making noises
  4. Frozen A/C coil
  5. Issues arising from the thermostat
  6. A/C producing unstable airflow

Common A/C issues and how to solve them easily:

A/C  Problems and their Effective Solutions: Air Conditioner not turning on

Air Conditioner Not Turning On

We understand that nothing is more frustrating than a troubled AC during scorching summer. But before going all Rambo on the electrical appliance make sure you check whether the switch is on. Sometimes we miss the most obvious.

However, another most common cause for this problem might be a faulty thermostat or maybe a negligible issue in the circuit breaker. In that case, you will need to contact professional AC technicians who can troubleshoot the problems efficiently.

A/C  Problems and their Effective Solutions: AC blowing hot air

Air Conditioner Blowing Hot Air

It’s a scorching summer out there and you are drenched in sweat, you decide to turn on your A/C for some cool air but instead, all you get is an exhausting mixture of warm, humid air. The reason for this issue might be the spot your A/C is located, does it come directly under sunlight? If that’s the case, then maybe looking for more of a shadier spot in your house to put your A/C on might work.

Check out our blog to know where exactly you need to place your A/C.

Another reason could be a dirty, clogged air filter. Filters might also be playing a huge role in not blowing cold air, so make sure you change your air filter every month and do not miss out on quarterly checks ups from professional technicians.

A/C  Problems and their Effective Solutions: AC making noises

Air Conditioner Making Noises

The reason why a perfectly capable and efficient A/C might make weird sounds is something to be curious about. Generally, it is recommended that whenever you come across a troubled A/C, the problem usually points to a faulty compressor or a motor failure. If you happen to hear a strange hissing sound, a refrigerant leak might be the cause.

A relay problem can be usually spotted by unprecedented clicking sounds. Buzzing and screeching noises are attributed to more serious problems. Here's how you spot the symptoms of a bad A/C.

Hometriangle is here to fix it all for you. You name a problem and we will connect you with the best HVAC professional at your disposal.

Here's how to know that it's time your A/C needs proper servicing.

A/C  Problems and their Effective Solutions: Frozen A/C Coil

Frozen A/C Coil

The evaporator coil is one of the most significant parts of an A/C system, it helps in absorbing heat from the inside. So when this particular coil freezes it points to a problem that your A/C needs more air for proper functioning. Some of the most common culprits are dirty filters, clogged ducts, vents, etc. Fortunately, this is one of the DIY concepts you can work on.

To fix the frozen coil issue, all you need to do is clean the air filter to make way for increased airflow. It is important to make sure that your A/C is free from dirty debris, a clear airflow is just one of many ways to ensure the coil stays functional and durable.

A/C  Problems and their Effective Solutions: Issues arising from the thermostat

Issues Arising from the Thermostat

As the technology progresses, it is important to ensure that your thermostat is efficiently manufactured to cater to the needs of your A/C. An incorrectly regulated thermostat may fail to assess the control of your A/C. This particular problem can be easily fixed by switching to the most probable thermostat that is properly designed to control the system. Before replacing, however, make sure you have read the user manual correctly and followed the instructions, placing the settings accurately.

AC Problems: AC producing unstable airflow

AC producing unstable airflow:

A/Cs are complicated electrical machines, yes, but most often the problems arising from inside of them can be solved by the simplest of techniques. An A/C typically releases weak airflow when there's a blockage in its vent, you can resolve this issue by checking if a presence of a foreign item is blocking the airflow.

And take the item out, maybe a piece of furniture or a large dust particle. But if you feel the problem still hasn’t been resolved and want to take decisive action, Hometriangle HVAC technicians are always here to help.

Summer is indeed A/C season

A/Cs are quite useful in the summer, which is why they are also more vulnerable. We've included some of the most prevalent A/C problems and their potential solutions above. However, as easy as the issues may be, it is critical to ensure that they do not recur in the near future, thus knowing about AC services of all kinds is essential. There's a big difference between clearing a blocked vent and managing a broken compressor.

Are you considering purchasing a new air conditioner? Read our blog on the subject; maybe, it will make your job easier.

When it comes to air conditioners, they can be an incredibly convenient appliance, until they are functioning the way they are supposed to. Air conditioners can very easily break down if you do not maintain them properly, and regular servicing can help you avoid that. Say you purchase for yourself the best 2-ton split AC. Ideally, it will last you at least 7-8 years, but if you fail to maintain it and delay servicing, you might find yourself either replacing the entire unit or shelling out a fortune on its repair. To make sure your appliance works for you and works well for years on end, getting a professional to come to clean it and help with servicing is the way to go.

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