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Home appliances are a great investment for homeowners but need to be taken care of properly in order to work as intended, or else they may cause some issues.

Home appliances are a great investment for all homeowners and are designed to make life easy, comfortable and convenient for all. Reality is, you cannot live a day without these appliances. Even though home appliances reduce our workload to a great extent, with them comes some hidden risks as well. With regular cleaning, following safety measures and getting them serviced at regular intervals saves your time, effort and money. 

Home appliances mostly used such as the refrigerator/fridge, washing machine, Air conditioners, Chimney, Micro oven etc. 

1. Refrigerator :

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Fridge is where edible items get stored needs a regular cleaning once in atleast fortnight. Both Inside and out. Aprt from external cleaning Defrosting is required for some freezers which do not have automatic/inbuilt defrosting option. But, if you don’t have a self-defrosting fridge then you have to defrost it manually. The freezer compartment must be defrosted regularly when the ice layer is about 5 mm thick.
Before defrosting make sure that you remove all frozen food from the freezer and place it in another cool place or wrap them in cloth. To collect water and ice, pull out the drain trough from the bottom of the freezer and place a container under it. Also, if you have a reverse osmosis filter system installed in your kitchen, ensure that it continues to provide you with clean water throughout the defrosting process.

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2. Washing Machine :

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Cleaning your washing machine is crucial to keep it running well and smelling fresh so that your clothes can look good and smell good. 
Descale your washing machine, clean it at least once a month that helps in loosening the accumulated lime scale. Descaling can be done by running an empty hot water cycle. You can add baking soda to it and then finish the cycle. You can also repeat these steps with white vinegar.If not comfortable using these products then use commercial decalcifier available in the market.

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3. Air Conditioner :

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Many users do not know to why and how maintain an AC.
The first reason why your AC to be maintained is sometimes your ACs blowing smelly air is due to a build-up of mould (a type of fungi) and bacteria inside the AC duct. Disease causing bacteria and moulds are harmful for human health.

All air conditioners while working they condense hot air into cold results in  the formation of little droplets of water inside the AC unit. These droplets can accumulate in the Ducts  Or An animal like rat or some insects might enter into the ducts and die both the mentioned scenarios creates breeding place for bacteria and fungus. This causes a foul mouldy stink or Rotten Eggs smell in your AC . A stinking AC calls for air conditioner cleaning and maintenance can be done hiring a AC professional from Hometriangle.
Tip: Do not wait for the above scenario to happen get your ACs serviced once 3 to 4 months.

4. Chimney / Hob / Micro oven :

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Burnt food, greasy food contributes for grim and dirt on these appliances. Needless to say, oven, chimneys cleaning is a time-consuming task and most of the cleaning is done with chemicals that are toxic. Therefore, opting for a more eco-friendly method is both cheap and safe.

These appliance to be cleaned atleast once or twice in week's time. use water first then apply baking soda& white vinegar paste on top of the Microven,Chimney and leave it for 30 to 40 minutes. Wipe the same with a soft cloth. results are going to be surprising by giving a clean and grease free appliance.

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