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Do you feel safe in your own home? if No this blog is for you. Many of us are considering a security system for our homes as an extra precaution to be safe.

Do you feel safe in your own home? Many of us are considering a security system for our homes as an extra precaution due to the rising crime rate. Various kinds of intelligent securitysystems are available that you can consider according to your requirement,lifestyle and budget. It is better to properly understand the functionality ofthese different security systems in order to make them optimally meet yoursafety needs.

Here is someinformation about various hi-tech security systems that are available thesedays.


Conventionallyused surveillance devices, closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras are placedat strategic locations of a home to capture movements at entry and exit points.There are different types of surveillance cameras; the most popular are IP (internet protocol) andAnalog cameras.  IP cameras can send and receive data via an internet network, while Analog cameras have vandal resistant features and areoften preferred for homes. 

Article Image
Exterior surveillance Cameras

Motion Detectors

Thesesecurity systems are designed to capture changes in a room by sensing humanpresence. They work on the principle of changes in temperature of room or anykind of pattern disturbances. There are other variations of such sensors alsoavailable to detect smoke, fire or broken glass. These cameras are more preferredin homes because of their cost cutting and full view capture features.

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Motion detectors prevent burglaries


Theseadvance security system are incorporated with a central control unit, batterybackup, keypad and sound siren in order to raise an alarm during an unauthorizedentry or breach. Often installed on the doors of houses, this surveillancemethod requires a password to be keyed in before or immediately after entry and helps in avoiding burglaries andbreak-ins.

Article Image
A siren security system that requires a password

Continuous Circuit

This form ofCircuit-based security system is obtainable in varieties of forms where acircuit is created between the magnetic window of the device and the surface ofarea to be protected. When the circuits get disturbs due to sudden opening ofdoor or breaking of window glass, the the alarm triggers instantly.

Finger Print As Key

The fingerprint door lock is a hi-tech, safe security system that can easily be placed onany solid door. The door opens only with the finger print of a particularindividual or with a pass-code, preventing intrusions. This safety measure letsonly those who have the code enter the house and avoids burglaries andbreak-ins. 

Article Image
A finger print activated door lock

Your home is your sanctuary, the safest place that you can be! With the growingrate of crime, you may feel uneasy and unsafe even in your own home. Put yourmind at ease with a well thought out security plan and install a securitysystem to enjoy a carefree life!



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