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Every home has multiple gadgets and gizmos, while we probably can’t do without them what we definitely can do without are all the visible wires and messy cables!

Every home has multiple gadgets and gizmosthat aim to make life easier and while we probably can’t dowithout them what we definitely can do without are all the visible wires and messy cables. Not only are the wires snaking along your walls and floors an eyesore but they can also be safetyhazard 

Listed below are easy to follow tips to manage yourcables and wires.

It's Curtains! 

If your study table doesn't have a backpanel then you’ll be able to see all the computer cables dangling behind. Evenif you organize your wires neatly, you’ll still be able to see them. A makeshift curtain is one simplesolution to hide them! Just buy curtain drape wire and choose a piece of fabric for your curtain, sew an inch width of the fabric to create a pass through tunnel for the drape wire along one end, pass the wire through and attach it at the back or the underside of your desk. Your wires and cables are neatly tucked away, effectively hidden from view!

Article Image
Makeshift curtain to hide cables

CableManagement Box

Your phone, laptop chargers and otherpower cords can also make your home look messy. An easy way to get them to dotheir work but keep them out of sight at the same time is a cablemanagement box.  You could DIY and repurpose a shoe box or purchase a cable management box with a number of holes slotted out for the cables on the sides as well as on thelid. A cable management box should have vents to allow heat to escape soyour cables are safe.

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DIY cable management box

ThePerfect Cover Up

While having a wifi router and printerare a great convenience, their cables are an ugly eyesore. Findcreative ways to hide your wireless router, you can choose a prettypaper box, make a hole on the side and pass the wire through, or hollow out an old hardcover book. This way onlya little wire is exposed while the rest stays hidden. If you can spare a drawer in your dresser, use it to stash your printer out of sight, you can slide the drawer out when you need touse the printer and push the drawer back when you’re done!

Article Image
An undercover router hidden in a hollowed out hardcover book

Clip Art 

You have a state of the art entertainmentsystem, now only if you had something just as amazing to hide all the cables andcords. If you weren't able to install a power outlet and media boxes behindyour TV then you’ll need to get creative with all those exposed cables. If youcan get your hands on some cable tidying clips and multiple use ties, your problem is solved!  Use sturdy laminated paper to cut out bird and leaf decorative motifs and attach to the cable ties, and you've justturned your cable into wall art!

Article Image
Cute cable decorations

A little creativity and all your wires,cables and chords are artfully hidden, neatly organized and still completely functional. Now who doesn't want that?



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