The Splashing Truth: Why swimming is the Ultimate Practice

A pool membership is too cool to have but not so cool when you don't use it much, is it? Let's see how you can get healthier by swimming!


Without much of the pool talk, let’s dive straight into it. Swimming, an activity not just to cool you off on a hot summer day or to flaunt your collection of swimsuits, but also a full body workout that focuses on your core physique with loads of mental and emotional benefits as well, all while keeping your joints intact. So, if you are reading this, you either want to learn swimming or put your pool membership to good use. So, pack up your floaties and let's learn how swimming can get you swimming in benefits. Pun intended!

Full-Body Workout:

Head to toe! Swimming really works your entire body in the least harmful way possible. It commands all your muscles to work in a synchronised manner, enabling an all-rounder physique that was hidden inside of you. Doesn't matter if you are a beginner or a professional, your arms, legs and core work together to propel you through the water burning almost the same amount of calories as running without all the wear and tear of your joints and bones.

Who knows, it can get you an inch closer to being Aquaman if only you could hold your breath for that long.

Low Impact Elegance:

Ever had the feeling that your joints are screaming for some rest when you go for a morning jog or cycle for miles? Compared to that, swimming is a spa day for your body to relax and also reap the benefits of an all out workout session. It has a low impact on your body but still packs a punch in the fitness department.

Cardio without the commute:

Swimming provides the cardio workout you need as smooth as butter. Studies have shown that regular swimmers have almost 50% lesser risk of heart problems as compared to inactive people.

It strengthens your heart and lungs, resulting in better stamina which you probably need to catch a bus during your busy mornings. It has also been proven to help control blood sugar and lower cholesterol levels. It’s a win-win.

Man swimming in a competition pool

Swim away from Stress:

Most people can’t wait to get back home and have a nice shower after a hectic day at work. Imagine that feeling times three. Swimming has numerous mental benefits. When you are in the pool, it feels like you have entered a stress-free sanctuary. The calmness of the mind, the repetitive strokes and the rhythm, all contribute to the wellness of your mental health. Not so much that you become a monk, not to worry.

Burn Calories with Water

Swimming sets your calories on fire! On an average, swimming burns more calories per hour than walking, running or using an elliptical trainer. The resistance of water is much greater than that of Air, so underwater movements burn more calories than Land movements. The lower pressure on your bones due to the high buoyancy of water makes it suitable for even people with Asthma, Injuries, Disabilities or Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

Now, you don’t have to hold back eating your favourite snack, just do a few extra laps! Swimming is excellent for people aiming to lose weight, especially if your wedding is around the corner!

Get Flexible

That’s right! You can become as flexible as a gymnast without having to do those acrobatics. It wouldn’t stretch your body as much as Yoga, of course. Specific swimming strokes, like the breaststroke, involve deliberate stretching movements. For example, the breaststroke requires a wide kick that stretches the leg muscles, contributing to improved leg flexibility.

Water provides resistance against your movements in all directions. When you swim, your muscles have to work against this resistance, causing them to stretch and contract. This continuous stretching and contracting help improve flexibility over time, making your muscles more supple and adaptable.

Increase Lung Capacity

Swimming is like going to the Gym for your lungs. The more you swim, the stronger your lungs become at holding air and to stimulate rhythmic breathing. This in turn, helps the body to circulate oxygen better throughout the body, increasing your Stamina to a whole other level.

Professional swimmers are required to build great lung capacities by immersing themselves underwater to strengthen their diaphragms. This leads to functional improvements in muscles, the ventilatory system and the elasticity of the lung walls.

Now, take a deep breath.

Goodbye, Insomnia!

Swimming has helped a lot of people with insomnia get a good night's sleep after just an hour in the pool. Not only does swimming make you physically tired, it can also help you sleep by reducing stress. People are generally happier when they get out of the pool due to very specific hormones called Endorphins! When Endorphins are released into your bloodstream your body accepts the fact that you are happy and are also a crucial factor contributing to better sleep at night. Relaxing your mind after a good long soak in the pool can prevent you from stressing about your annoying coworker who keeps you up at night.

Woman smiling after being hit by wave in the beach

Conclusion - Go Swim!

Exercise can really improve your physical and mental wellbeing a lot. So, if you have chosen swimming as your workout routine, good for you! Swimming regularly will keep you in good shape to play any other sports too (Except maybe Sumo).

Increase your flexibility, strength and stamina while taking care of your mental health and sleep cycle by going for a swim once in a while. Don’t beat yourself though, just beat the hot Sun and get into the pool!