Never Too Late to Splash in the Pool: Swimming Tips for Beginners

Want to learn swimming or just started to learn swimming? Then these tips are sure to come in handy for you.

Swimming tips for beginners

Want to learn swimming or just started to learn swimming? Then these tips are sure to come in handy for you.

Swimming is not just a recreational activity, as it can double down as a form of exercise too. You can enjoy floating in the cool water while keeping your body fit. But to do this you will have to know to swim in the first place. Though you can learn to swim within a few weeks, it is something you perfect with practice and techniques. With these swimming tips, we aim to make your learning process simpler.


This is a very important part of swimming both for beginners and experienced swimmers. Warming up before swimming is a must to prevent cramps and other injuries when you start swimming. A basic warm-up usually consists of stretches, arm raises, shoulder rotations, squats, and other exercises that give you a full-body warmup. This will ensure that your body is sufficiently loosened up and that there is proper blood flow.

Warmup before swimming

Start With the Basics

As soon as you start to learn swimming you might be tempted to try fancy swimming maneuvers but it is always best to start with the basics. Begin your swimming journey with basic swimming strokes like the front crawl or the breaststroke. Once you are comfortable and confident with them you can try other swimming strokes and techniques.

Basic swimming strokes

Practice Breathing Techniques

Breathing is very crucial when it comes to swimming. Practice breathing techniques to swim efficiently. Focus on taking deep breaths and exhaling slowly while maintaining a calm mind. Once you perfect your breathing techniques you’ll notice a considerable improvement in your strokes.

Get the Right Gear

It is important to wear a swimsuit or trunk that you are comfortable in. Remember to go for function over form, and not choose something that is just eye-catching. Your swimming gear will start to fade or lose its shape if it is flimsy, therefore invest in the right gear from the get-go.

Swimming gear

It’s All in the Legs

This is one important tip that can make your swimming practice instantly better. Rely on your legs the most when swimming instead of your arms. Kicking your legs out is what will help you stay afloat. This is why most swimming instructors make you practice kicking water in beginner lessons.

Feedback and Support

Always have someone watch over you while practicing swimming. This will not only ensure your safety but it will also make sure you receive feedback from them to help correct your form or any mistakes. Swimming with an experienced friend or an instructor will prove to be very beneficial for you in many ways.

A swimming instructor helping a person swim

These are some of the tips to get you started with swimming. Following these should make the whole learning process a lot easier and more efficient. Make sure you take proper safety precautions and have someone overseeing you while you are learning or practicing to swim.