Refurnish Your Wardrobe with Trending Designs

Read our cost-wise breakdown of the different materials that can be used for the wardrobes to help you calculate the approximate costs of each keeping in mind the wardrobe designs in 2021.

Refurnish Your Wardrobe with Trending Designs

Wardrobes play an important role in every home. Even though there are a ton of options to get wa ardrobe ready made, people building new homes actually prefer to set up the new wardrobe or almirah according to their specifications. New wardrobes are usually built on-site so that the owner can adjust the design according to their own needs and control the quality of the materials that make up the wardrobe. One of the best advantages of building a new wardrobe from scratch is that you can have your own wardrobe inside design. Another one is that you can make the wardrobe as per Vastu to your convenience.

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This guide is a cost-wise breakdown of the different materials that can be used for the wardrobes to help you calculate the approximate costs of each keeping in mind the wardrobe designs in 2021.

Size Of The Wardrobe

The overall cost of the wardrobe is usually calculated in square footage. But how exactly?

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The total length of the wardrobe must be multiplied by the height to get the wardrobe size. For example, if the closet is 6 feet long and 7 feet high, the area of ​​the closet is 42 square feet. The same applies whether it's a wardrobe with 5 door design or a 3-door wardrobe design.

1. Type Of Plywood

Uses commercial or marine-grade plywood for the mainframe of the wardrobe.

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    • Commercial-grade plywood is usually used to produce support frames for the wardrobe. The cost of commercial-grade 19mm plywood is approximately ₹100 per square foot.
    • To obtain higher quality plywood, it is recommended to choose marine-grade plywood because it is stronger, waterproof, and durable. The cost of 19mm marine plywood is approximately ₹125 per square foot.

    2. External Finish

    For the material finish of the wardrobe, consider using ready-made options like laminate, acrylic, glass, veneer coating, or marine-grade plywood.

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    • The cost of decorative laminate varies from ₹1,000 to ₹4,000 per sheet. The standard size of each sheet is 8 x 4 feet. The cost depends on the wardrobe laminate design you choose.
    • Toughened glass, laminated glass, satin glass, or colored glass can be integrated into the cabinet design. The cost starts at ₹100 rupees per square foot, depending on thickness.
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    • The veneer is a thin slice of natural wood pasted on the outside of the cabinet. Premium veneers start at ₹75; please note that the surface must be polished at an additional cost.
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    • Popular wood veneer surfaces are melamine polishes and polyurethane finishes. Both versions are available in glossy and matte versions. Melamine polishing starts at ₹140 per square foot, and polyurethane finishing starts at ₹180 per square foot.

    3. Internal Finishes

    • The inner surface of the cabinet should be treated with materials such as composite laminate, hand polish, or wood paint.
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    • Use a laminate floor with a thickness of 0.7 to 0.8 mm as the internal cladding of the cabinet. These laminates start at ₹25 per square foot. Laminate is also very easy to clean and maintain. The inside of the cabinet can be hand polished to a color similar to the finish used on the outside of the cabinet. The cost of hand polishing starts from ₹40 per square foot.
    • If your budget is tight, you can always consider using wood paint inside the wardrobes. One disadvantage is that over time, the paint will peel off and look less desirable.
    Modern wardrobe design

    It's also important that the wardrobe almirah you make matches with your current design. Check out our article on modern wardrobe color combinations to get a better idea.

    4. Hardware

    wooden wardrobe design wardrobe study table design
    • Basic equipment such as hinges and handles are available in different versions and prices. Choose according to taste and budget.
    • For a decorative look, consider the wardrobe accessories such as designer handles. Although, they might be an added cost. Wardrobe designs with mirrors are always sleek and luxurious.
    • Wardrobes with sliding doors and shutters require high-quality accessories that prevent rust and allow the shutters to move quickly. Brands such as Hafele provide higher quality equipment.

    5. Labor Costs

    • The labor cost of carpentry for a basic wardrobe starts at ₹450 per square foot. This cost may vary according to the design of the wardrobe. The same applies for wardrobe repair as well.

    Overall Cost Of The Wardrobe

    The basic cost of a hinged wardrobe in commercial-grade ply and laminate finish can cost around ₹1800 per square foot, while a wardrobe in veneer finish can cost above ₹2000 per square foot.

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    Check out the latest trends in wardrobe designs for bedroom here.

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