Wall Painting Design Ideas to Make Your Boring Walls Interesting

Do plain walls bore you? Want to give your walls a stunning new makeover? Here are some amazing wall painting ideas to help inspire you.

Wall Painting Design Ideas to Make Your Boring Walls Interesting

While there are a significant number of wall painting styles you can draw inspiration from, I have listed a few examples from the major styles to get yourself acquainted with. 

Styles to Check Out

Art Utilizing the Surroundings

Deciding the design and its placement based on the surroundings is an excellent way to add a sense of realism and continuity to your design.


You can obtain amazing designs utilizing the Ombre effect, this is done by transitioning from one color hue to another seamlessly.

Watercolor Effect

While it sometimes utilizes the Ombre effect, it is different from the Ombre. Watercolor paint effect can utilize multiple colors unlike Ombre, and soft bleeds are one of its most common characteristics.

Masking Tape

Maskin tape can be cleverly utilized to create some spectacular patterns while painting.

Themed Walls

Pick a theme and paint the room or the whole house to match that theme. This would be perfect for kids’ study rooms and bedrooms.

Striped Walls

Horizontal or vertical stripes are incorporated as the primary design element in this style. These are relatively easy to pull off compared to the other styles mentioned in this list.

Color Blocking

Color blocking is the practice of using contrasting colors to create a complementary color combination.

Geometric Wall Designs

This style emphasizes the use of geometric patterns to create modern designs. These designs can range from simple to intricate based on the shape and usage.


Murals are paintings painted on the walls, you can either hire an artist to do it for you, get your painter to do basic patterns, or do one yourself.

Texture Painting

There is no shortage of texture painting techniques you can use to glam up your walls. From layering paints to using a plethora of brushes, sponges, and rollers to get that perfect texture.

Here are some more ideas that we liked-

Notice how the painted patterns seamlessly blend in with the room? That’s what you want your painted walls to do.

Those Waves are simple, yet striking.

This Wall mural is simplistic and elegant, something you could pull off with a little DIY experience.

These dual-tone limewash painted walls are oozing with charm

When your walls turn into canvas, your home becomes an art piece.

There are plenty of wall painting ideas to be inspired from, keep looking, but don’t forget to put a piece of yourself into the walls, if not, they will stay soulless and blank.