5 Creative Wall Painting Ideas

HomeTriangle brings you 5 amazing wall painting ideas to give your home a new color.

5 Creative Wall Painting Ideas

A good or a bad-looking home can look even better or worse with the help of one particular thing- Paint! And if your eyes are sick of looking at the same old mono-colored walls, you are at the right place. We have some fantastic paint ideas that will make you want to give your walls a hug.

Two Tones Are Better Than One

This is a rare painting design that adds character to your walls while at the same time being cost-effective. Two different colors, or two shades of the same color are painted complementing each other.

This design adds both style and depth to your rooms. The dividing line can be set at the desired height to further harmonize with the furniture and any wall hangings.

Here’s a YouTube tutorial by Making Manzanita if you want to paint your walls in the two-tone style.

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Source: Making Manzanita

Opt For Gingham Style

If this section’s title reminded you of a certain Korean song that went viral back in 2012, then you are not completely off the track. Why? Because not only were that song’s lyrics catchy, its dance moves were too. And dance we do on the dance floor, and the dance floor brings us to flashy squares. Take out the flashy, and we have squares, yeah? And, Gingham deals in squares more than anything.

Gingham has its own charm and gives off a classy vibe. You can experiment with it in a multitude of ways. You can either have the whole wall painted in this style or just get the borders of the door or window frames painted in this style.

Either way, it’s sure to enhance your overall home aesthetic. The best thing is the colors, two colors are generally used. You can play around with different sets of colors to change the vibe.

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Source: champagnewishesdiy

Forget Not The Frames

Door and window frames are often ignored, or are painted in some generic colors. Painting them will not only give them a nice look but also enhances the overall look of the house and synchronizes with the walls if painted with proper colors.

Accent colors are usually preferred for the door and window frames. You can also make a bold statement by painting them with colors that make them pop. Lighter or darker shades of the color used for the walls would make a very nice choice for the frames.

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Color Drenching All The Way

It is one of the newer painting trends that has been rapidly gaining popularity. The concept behind this painting style is very simple. You take one color, and paint the whole place with it, including the ceiling, trims, and frames.  Sometimes even similar colored furniture and other accessories are used.

This does not mean that varying shades of the same color can’t be used, they are in fact used to create stunning effects.

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Source: thetimes.co

Blend With Ombre

This is a splendid technique that can be used to create unique and beautiful effects. Lighter and darker tones of color are used to create a smooth transitioning effect.

The skill of the painter is a very important parameter for this particular style of painting as the painting is done freehand. And a thorough understanding of colors is a must to make the different tones blend in beautifully.

painting ideas wall easy creative room new
Source: Dulux

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