Transform Your Space with these Dark Academia Home Decor Ideas

Love history, books, and having a feel that you belong to the dark academia vibe? worry no more, here are some ideas to implement.

Transform Your Space with these Dark Academia Home Decor Ideas

Imagine it's raining outside, and you're looking out of the window, your hands are looking forward to holding a hot cup of coffee.

Wouldn't that be great?

That would be wonderful indeed.

If you have fewer ideas on how to shift your living space to dark academic aesthetics, then I've got you covered. Well, if you have a dark academia cozy vibe set up at your home already, then swipe down and check out if you have these ideas implemented in your room already. With that being said, let's begin to explore the dark academia style.

Ditch the boring colors and dive into dark colors:

Forget about the boring bright yellows, and having emerald green, nay blue may ruin your jewel tones. Don't be afraid to go dark, keep it balanced with some lighter accents, so the darkness doesn't resemble a cave.

Bonus Tip: The darker you go, the more moody it becomes, think of evoking dark academic feelings using a dark tone. 

I'm curious, but I'm sorry to interrupt you with this question. What was your inspiration to follow along with this article? Did some Dark academic wallpaper, or some dark academic outfits, or poetries inspire you??

Guess what? I've planned to write some articles suggesting inspirations for dark academic outfits. Very well, let's follow along with the article, to gain more dark academia style.

Furniture fit:

Imagine lying comfortably on the armchairs that tell you stories of the countless books that you're yet to read, or a cozy wooden desk during your late-night study sessions. The more aged it is, the more unique it will be. So, in this case, thrift stores, and antiques shops are your best-to-go places. The more scholarly it is, the more it reflects on the chaotic vibe.

Along with a hot paced coffee, it would be really nice if you pay attention to aligning your dressing sense with dark academia clothes. If you’re wondering how to wear dark academia clothes, you don’t have to stress at all. All you are required to do is to wear cozy dresses, in rarely found jewelry.

If you have less clues on decorating your homes at spring, then consider to check this out.

Knowledge is Power, while bookshelves are your weaponry:

Dark academia is incomplete without a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf that contains classic literature. A strategically placed leaning bookshelf is a unique thing to consider as well. And, add a few globes, vintage microscopes, or even telescopes to enlighten a touch of intellectual curiosity.

Cozy Light:

Ture, harsh overhead lighting is often a big "No" if you ever wanted a dark academic room setup. On the contrary go for ambient lighting, which adds warmth and creates a cozy vibe and an inviting atmosphere. As a bonus point, I would say, place a flavoured candle and peak the epitome of aesthetics.

Do you love those dark academia wallpapers, which often feature elements such as marble statues, bookshelves, and coffee?

I am so sure, you definitely love them!

Wall Art Worthy Museum:

The walls often display your love for oil painting and your love for learning. Think of classical oil paintings or vintage botanical prints. And there's a unique power in the framed quotes as well from your favorite philosophers or from your favorite authors. A deep quote can often spark deep conversation and might portray your inner reflection as well.

Well, this is the power of dark academia aesthetics. Well, I might shortly come up with a blog about the minute things you might fail to add to your dark academia outfits.


Well, that's it! Dark academia is about creating a space where you share your love of knowledge and the finer things of life. So now turn your favorite record and a light-scented candle, (who doesn't love the smell of coffee and old books right?), and get your hands occupied with a good book. And don't be surprised if your pet owl spawns in reality from your imagination, after all, every dark academic sanctuary needs a wise companion.