Top 10 Kitchen Safety Tips: Do's and Don'ts

Food and kitchen safety go hand in hand. So while you try out the new and trending recipes, we are here for you, Hometriangle carefully curated kitchen safety do's and don'ts.

Top 10 Kitchen Safety Tips: Do's and Don'ts

The kitchen holds the most important place in the house. It is the heart and soul of everything we cook, it is the place where most innovative food experiments are born. But we also tend to forget times that maintaining it can be challenging at times and with the intention to cook the best dishes we often overlook the safety precautions. So why is it important to take care of the kitchen? What is so special about keeping the kitchen always spotless?

Well, it is more about keeping your kitchen hygienic than anything else. When you take care of the health of your kitchen you take care of everything else.

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Have you ever observed, that while working in the kitchen, you often think about the mess you will be leaving behind after cooking the delicious meals? That's right, the uncleaned mess is the reason why your kitchen might be moving towards attracting more unwelcomed guests and other undesirable conditions. So it is vital that you take of your cooking place as often as you can and minimize any damage that might occur in the aftermath.

But apart from just keeping your kitchen clean there are other absolutely essential do’s and don’t’s that you should read about which will help you in keeping your kitchen game on top and also on a side note, making your cooking process more efficient. So chill back and read about the Hometriangls’s guide to kitchen safety.

Absolutely kitchen Do’s:

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1.Do wash your hands: We know it seems obvious but not many people do it, washing your hands before and after cooking will minimize the contamination. When you keep your hands hygienic it reduces the possibility of the spread of bacteria that causes salmonella and other food-borne diseases.

2. Do learn how to use knives:

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Knives are a pretty dangerous lot, if not used correctly can potentially harm you on a serious level. The most important tip while using knives is to always go for the sharpest one. The reason is, that the less sharp the knife, the more harm it can do to you. The blunter the knife is the more effort it takes to cut and it might lead to painful accidents.

3. Do wear footwear: The kitchen is a mixture of hot and cold mess, so you surely don’t wanna injure your feet by stumbling onto some sharp object or really hot piece of food. So it is a good idea, to cover your feet by wearing footwear.

4. Do use a separate cutting board for meat and vegetables:

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While the mixture of vegetables and meat go well together after cooking, they definitely don’t before cooking. So when you use the same cutting board for chopping both veggies and meat, the possibility of salmonella contamination could be increased. So it is always a healthy and hygienic idea to use different cutting boards for different items

Serious Kitchen Don’t’s

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  1. Do not use metal utensils on a non-stick plan: Non-stick pans are in extreme vogue these days but that doesn’t mean you use them without reading the instructions. Any metal utensil upon touching the nonstick pan will instantly damage its surface rendering it absolutely useless. The very coating that makes these pans non-stick will come out upon contact with the metal tools.
  2. Do not ever mix water and hot oil: Here’s an important cooking tip for you, never mix water with scalding hot oil. Oil can boil more rapidly than water. And when oil reaches beyond the point of water, then, it turns into steam, while water settles at the bottom. The phenomenon leads to its expansion thus splashing everywhere.
  3. Do not leave your food unattended: So it doesn’t matter what you are cooking or baking, if you leave it unattended during longer intervals, the food is bound to get burnt or worse blobbing all over the kitchen. Stay present without distractions and set a timer for your food so that you will know when to take it out.
  4. Do not cook in a hasty manner:
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Humans think they are built for multitasking, they believe they can achieve anything if they simultaneously do multiple tasks at once. But the truth is far from it, many scientific studies suggest that multitasking can actually hinder productivity. So when you are cooking, just nurture your whole concentration on that, do not be hasty.

These are some of the best tips you can read about kitchen safety do’s and don’t’s. Do you love cooking but hate the mess you leave afterward? Do not worry book our kitchen cleaning services from hometriangle, while you enjoy the delicious food, we clean your kitchen mess.

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