Summer Lovin': 4 Ways to Make the Most Out of this Season!

From outdoor activities to travel tips, we've got you covered. Don't let summer slip away without taking advantage of all it has to offer!

Summer Lovin': 4 Ways to Make the Most Out of this Season!

Summer is a season of longer days, shorter nights, chirping crickets, ice cream moments, ACs and fans running at full speed and, the sun shining bright and proud on a cloudless sky. It is a season of absolute nostalgia, for the 90s kids of course, roaming around in the alleys and lanes, falling on a muddy pond, and playing self-invented games only we knew the rules of. Childhood back then was made with summers like these.

summer games

So what changed? The simple answer is we grew up. Now, most of us associate summers with commuting to work in this unbearable heat, welcoming sunscreens into the skincare routine and navigating each day without letting the scorching sun get to us.

But the essence of the season remains the same. Summers are all about making memories. And down under the tunnel of life, I guess, life happened- we stopped seeing it that way. But did you know? It doesn't have to be like that at all. After all, winters and monsoons are definitely out of the picture to do more outdoorsy stuff, but summers? Nah, it still retains some kind of magic up its sleeve.

Simple stuff. Fun = Productivity

girl blowing bubbles

Being an adult doesn't mean you have to compromise on fun to improve your overall productivity, occasionally you just have to go bonkers, crazy, tad bit mad. Okay, I solemnly swear this statement's not backed up scientifically but I do, honestly believe in what I just said.

And you will find that there is no other season better for experimentation and having fun than summer. So what if the summer of nostalgia your childhood so blissfully knows isn't there anymore? That does not mean you can't try new adventures and explore your silly and imaginative force of personality.

Below, we have curated the best things to do in summer for you! Read on and don't miss out, you might come across something which will blow your mind.

1. Stargaze:

night sky full of stars

Right, let's start with the simplest of things, stargazing. You don't have to do anything here. The summer season brings with it, a bright, cloudless sky. You may be at the favourable receiving end this time. Clear nights offer a unique experience to view the stars in all their glory. I believe there is no other place than your terrace which is gonna give you the best feel of stargazing. Climb up your house (safely) and lay down to witness the majesty of the universe.

2. Plant a Plant:

summer flowers

Gardening can be another fun and wholesome activity you can take part in during the summer. In hindsight, you will find many plants that are congruous and look gorgeous when the sun is at its brightest. Gardening can also be another way of working out too! So you got these two plus sides, sowing a new plant to your collection and burning some calories along the way.

3. Try and witness sunrise at least twice a week:

man enjoying sunrise

I tell you what, honestly there is an ocean of scientific articles and journals emphasizing the significance of getting your daily dose of vitamin D. We are distinctly aware of its various health benefits. Vitamin D can contribute immensely to our mental and physical well-being. So, wake up early, if not every day, then, two times a week, to witness the sublime sunrise. During peak summers, arguably, they say, the sun is at its hottest as a result, it's also at its best. Don't miss out on the lovely sunrise!

4. Spend some time in nature, and go camping:

summer camp

This might seem like the most contradictory thing to do, considering the blistering heat during the season. But believe me, sometimes you just have to do stuff, to know how they make you feel. I remember my time at a hill station far away, it was a peak summertime there as well; all I wanted to do was to roam around the region, witness beautiful spots in and around the forest, and basically do everything but stay inside. And what do you know, that was easily one of my best summers.

Of course, it can go either way, you may or may not enjoy it, but you will never know until you try right?

So come on then, let’s make this summer all about trying, exploring and experimenting with unfamiliar yet exciting stuff.