How to Get Rid of Pet Hair

For pet owners who find it difficult to clean their home and deal with the pet hair mess, here are some quick tips and tools that will be helpful.

How to Get Rid of Pet Hair
Ways to get rid of pet hair

We all love owning dogs and cats as our pets at home, as we believe that they are the most genuine love givers to their owners, and you can never get bored of that fun and endless playtime as you always have a constant companion by your side protecting you as your friend.

We all love to enjoy that fur friendship, but with your furry friends comes up a huge task to clean your homes, given that we all also know how much hair dogs and cats shed, from your floor surface, clothes, sofas, linens, carpets to all other furniture, you can find hair everywhere!

And this can not just be annoying and messy but can also lead you to catch allergies and putting your health at risk.

But Don't worry, we got you covered with some brilliant ways to say goodbye to your pet hair and make your home more pet friendly

These tips work well for linen bedding, curtains, clothes, sofas, floors, and other types of furniture, so find the one that's right for you.
Lint Rollers for Pet Hair Removal as a hack

Have Lint Roller Handy

Lint rollers are one of the most commonly used techniques to remove fur hair. As owning a them is very affordable and cost-effective way to remove pet hair from linen bedding and curtains. Start with shaking off your blanket outside, possibly use a balcony to do so, then, stretch your blanket and start rolling the lint roller upside down, continue to use the roller until you see the hair minimizing.

Rollers like these are perfect for cleaning clothes, curtains, and furniture's.
Duct tape for pet hair removal, get rid of pet hair

Try Duct Tape

Yes, you read that right, "A Duct Tape." It is the cheapest and most efficient method of getting rid of fur hair from couches, blankets, and pillows since duct tape is sticky, durable, and easy to handle. They work in a very similar way to lint rollers. To make sure you get every piece of hair stuck to the adhesive portion of the tape, Stick the sticky side of the tape to the fabric or surface you want to get rid of and pull it vigorously.

Tips to remove pet hair, vacuum cleaner for cleaning pet fur

Invest in a vacuum cleaner

The best thing you can do as a pet owner is to invest in a vacuum cleaner. A vacuum cleaner can not just help you clean your house but will also help you say goodbye to unnecessary shedding. Vacuum cleaners work best on any surface, be it floors, couches, furniture, carpets, walls, etc. A vacuum cleaner can reach every nook and corner of your house and protect you from dust and allergies.

Rubber Glove for Fur hair cleaning

Use a Rubber Glove

It is no secret that rubber gloves are a great way to clean. As a result of their flexibility, rubber gloves are perfect for many household chores, such as cleaning bathrooms or washing dishes, but they are also great for removing pet fur. Using gloves is very simple, slip the rubber gloves on your hand and rub your hand around the surface and collect the hair, this way you will achieve the desired result. While Rubber gloves work in the same way as the lint rollers, these gloves are reusable and only need to be purchased once.

Hacks and Tips to remove pet hair from your home

Additional tips that you can focus on

  • The bed and couch are the areas where pet hair tends to accumulate the most, so cover them with sheets
  • Keeping your pet clean by brushing and bathing more often will minimize the shedding of fur
  • When you notice any hair on the upholstery or your beds, use a lint roller or duct tape immediately to avoid a future mess
  • Consult your vet, as excessive shedding could be due to some underlying medical conditions that you need to be aware of

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