Precautions to Secure Your Home Against the COVID-19 JN. 1 variant

COVID-19 cases are on the rise again, especially in the southern parts of India, here are some precautions to keep you and your family safe from it.

If you are reading this, you must be aware of what happened a couple of years ago. The COVID-19 outbreak disrupted lives across the whole world. With social distancing, lockdowns, and vaccinations, the worst was avoided. Now when life is back to normal, that virus is back again, in a twisted new variant- JN. 1. 

How Dangerous is JN. 1

JN.1 is a mutation of a subvariant of the COVID-19 Omicron variant. While research is underway on the new strain, the chief of India SARS-CoV-2 Genomics Consortium (INSACOG), Dr. N K Arora said that there’s no evidence that the existing vaccine won’t work on this new strain. He further added that there is no need to panic, and he recommended immunocompromised and old people to exercise precautions against the virus.

What we know about JN. 1 so far

It is more contagious than the previous strains of the COVID-19 virus.

According to the current information, the symptoms are very similar to the previous Omicron variant.

Current research suggests that the JN. 1 variant is not any deadlier than the previous variants.

There doesn’t seem to be a necessity for an additional vaccine.

While the infections due to the JN. 1 variant are low, the case count is slowly but steadily increasing. There is no need to panic, but exercising precautions won’t hurt, especially if you have anyone with weak immunity in your home. You would be safe if you had a healthy body, but you could still transmit the virus to others in your home, so think again if you feel you don’t have to practice these precautions.

Booster Dose


While there is no necessity for a vaccine now, it is better to consult with doctors about the measures to be taken by immunocompromised and elderly people. And if somehow you aren’t fully vaccinated, now would be a good time.


Avoid crowded places as much as you can. When you cannot, be sure to use a mask and avoid touching things that are subject to frequent physical contact by the public. 

Health and Hygiene

Washing hands

Personal Hygiene
Maintain good personal hygiene by washing hands frequently. Try to avoid touching your nose, mouth, or eyes as much as possible

Keep your body in proper shape, with light exercise, cardio, or yoga. There are so many physical activities you can engage in to keep your body active and fit.

A healthy diet is essential to support your immune system. When you eat good food, not only does it supply your body with nutrients, but it also comes with a great number of other benefits.

Home Hygiene
Disinfect high-traffic areas in your home, places that are touched frequently like door handles and knobs, switches, taps, and countertops. If for some reason you believe your home integrity is compromised, you can get a home sanitization service to thoroughly sanitize your home.


Image of an RJ45 cable on a mask

This is a major concern in today’s age, provided how easily accessible the internet is, and how gullible most of the users are. Just about anyone can spread false information through the internet, it is up to you to verify facts before blindly believing in them. Misinformation about something like COVID-19 could prove to be very dangerous, so don’t go taking things you find on the internet at face value, especially when it is related to something as serious as a Virus outbreak.

Don’t panic or go paranoid over this new variant, the media want attention, so they will use big words and hit you with numbers. They aren’t necessarily false, but they tend to exaggerate, keep a cool head, and react to situations calmly. Stay Safe.