Plants Burning Up? Tips to keep your Plants cool this summer

Summer has arrived, and here I have written some tips that can save your leavy buddy from the heat.

Plants Burning Up? Tips to keep your Plants cool this summer

Summer’s here, the sun is busy drinking our energies as we explore the city, what about our beloved houseplants? How can we secure them from this scorching sun? A moment of silence for anyone who hasn’t found this blog yet, cause I have mentioned the essential tips that will actually work.

Heat stress in plants seems to be excessive this summer. Staying in Bangalore, I still feel the heat, and I'm sure the plants are feeling the same heat too. I've covered the actionable tips that can help you to cool your plants.

Forget the daily Drizzle:

Instead of drizzling your plants with deep watering, consider soaking the soil closely until the water drains. This simulates deep root growth, and your plants will be less reliant when it comes to getting constant water attention. Deep soaking is much better, and your greeny drama queens will thank you later. Are you interested in reading more, I have a few more DIY shade solutions for plants in summer in the upcoming paragraphs.

Become a Soil Sherlock:

Stop guessing and stick your finger in the soil (Maybe an inch or two.) If you find the area dry, this is the right time to water. And if the soil is moist, then hold off for at least a day. Other than that home garden plants can be effectively kept cool this summer if we employ windbreaks or wind-resistant foilage to reduce the heat.

If your head is constantly buzzing with questions like “What to do if my plant leaves are turning brown in summer?” then the next tip is just for you!

Bless your plants with water in the dawn:

Water your plant in the early morning or in the evening hours. During these hours there’s a minimal evaporation rate, which ensures that the water reaches the roots. As an additional tip, consider using a foliar spray with diluted seaweeds or aloe vera to protect the plant leaves which reduces the heat stress and minimizes the water loss as well.

Relocation Matters:

Remember not all your plants are sun worshippers. Sun-sensitive plants will appreciate a relocation to the areas where the sunlight is dappled. Usually, sun-facing windows are harsh in the summer.

Sun-sensitive plant

Nature’s Shade:

(If you have a mix of tall and short plants this point is for you) Consider arranging them strategically, the tall one can serve as a shade to the short plants. This doesn’t just stop with natural shade, but this also makes sure that the moisture remains solid within the soil and in the air. This also adds more aestheticity to your ambiance.

Canopy of plants

How to keep plants cool in summer (Bonus tips)

  1. Protect your green companions from the mid-day sun, you can cover them with shade cloths. 
  2. Applying a layer of mulch can regulate the soil temperature and can cool down your leaf-sprouting buddy.
  3. Usually during the summers, you might think the plant requires excessive amounts of water, but in reality overmoist in the soil can often kill the plants on the other hand.
  4. Usually, plants grow faster in springs, and in summer, most plants do miss out on the diluted fertilizer. Follow the advice from the application package, each fertilizer differs from the other.
  5. If you have issues growing plants that struggle to keep up with the heat, then move with the plan to keep up with shade-loving plants.


With these tips, I firmly say to you that your leafy companions can enjoy the extent of the summer oasis. These are some practical tips that can prevent plants from burning in summer. You can transform your frantic plant drowner into a hero who stays refreshed even in the summer. Always remember, happy plants = happy home.