Nostalgia With Republic Day 2024- Revisit Your Childhood

It's a trip down tri-colored Nostalgia lane! On the occasion of our 75th Republic Day, here is a list of the little things that make every year memorable.

The Origin

The celebrations of Republic Day commenced with the birth of the Indian Constitution on 26th January 1950. It not only marks the day India became a Sovereign, a Socialist, Secular, and Democratic Republic but also marks the birth of an incredible annual tradition.
The ‘Major Dhyanchand National Stadium’ originally known as ‘Irwin Amphitheatre’ witnessed the beginning of this phenomenal tradition: with a march of three thousand soldiers and a hundred aircraft soaring above, it has now become an awaited event of the year.


The nature of the celebration on this day is unlike any other annual event. It is a display of the unity, the diversity, and the beauty of all the unique states of our country. It salutes the different forces of our country and gives the youth and children a strong moment of awe and pride.

HomeTriangle Republic Day Nostalgia

It’s a trip down tri-colored nostalgic lane!

Let’s take this moment to look back at the little things we all, as Indians, have experienced on this day.


Republic Day Public Holiday

Republic Day is the first public holiday of the new year! The thing every Indian checks with the arrival of the new year is the calendar, hoping that Republic Day does not fall on a Sunday, and if it makes a long weekend, even better!

Grandeur at The India Gate.

The ‘Sena Parades’ and ‘Rajya Jhankiyan’

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Primarily responsible for producing strong pride and patriotism in the hearts of every Indian, the Parade at India Gate is the highlight of Republic Day.
From the Prime Minister honouring the fallen soldiers at the ‘Amar Jawan Jyoti’ to the unfurling of the Flag by the President of the country, the parade starts with a major Grandeur.
It consists of the most fascinating march past by our Military Forces, the different regiments, various paramilitary forces, Federal Security Organisations and receivers of the National Bravery Awards.

Tri-colored Attire.

Tri-color attire Republic Day 2022 HomeTriangle

Wearing the colors Orange, White, Blue and Green adds to the excitement of our patriotism. We don’t miss out on clicking pictures with tri-colored bangles, kurtas, duppattas, flag badges and such.

Early Morning at Schools.

Republic Day at Schools HomeTriangle

Despite it being a holiday, students would rush to witness the ‘flag hoisting’ at early hours in the morning. Wearing extra-ironed uniforms, they would go to school and participate in march past, sing patriotic songs and the National Anthem. Obviously, the event could not end without what seems like an endless speech by the principal and one student fainting during march past or oath assemblies. However, the highlight of school would always be the ladoos and samosa they would get post the event.

Family Time.

Family time HomeTriangle

At Least two generations prior to the prevalence of phones and internet have spent their Republic Days in front of a box TV watching the Parade on DD National. When it’s time for their state’s tableaux (jhaanki) their patriotism would double. Every Indian has experienced a moment of ‘I will join the military too’ while watching all the Sena and their regiments march and perform disciplined magical parades. This TV session would always lead to parents and grandparents telling stories about ‘their times’. From stories of Independence, their experiences during it, to the glorious stories of our freedom fighters and their favorite things about the Republic Day Parades, they would share it all.


What Bollywood movies to watch on Republic Day 2022 HomeTriangle

Sometimes Bollywood is not movies, it’s an emotion. An Indian’s Republic Day wouldn’t end without a patriotic bollywood song or movie. ‘Des Rangeela Rangeela…’ and 'Ae Watan..' would be blasted on full volume.
Movies to watch on Republic Day like ‘Border’, ‘Rang De Basanti’, ‘Lakshya’, ‘Chak De India’, ‘Lagaan’ and so on would take us on another patriotic high, our hearts swelling with pride.

HomeTriangle wishes you a very happy and nostalgic Republic Day!