Mental Health- How To Live More Wholesomely?

In the hustle-bustle of modern life, it is vital to take time off for ourselves. To nourish our minds, we must take choices that might seem selfish to people but is life-saving for us. Read the blog to know more on what we are talking about.

Mental Health- How To Live More Wholesomely?

Mental health- is a word that’s been around the buzz for a long time now. Why do you ask; it is vital, that the psychological well-being of a person directly correlates to their overall health of the mind. People have realized the significance of keeping your mind happy is no less important than keeping your physical health safe.

Indeed they both are equally related. Around 275 million people in the world suffer from anxiety alone. And there are about 280 million people who are affected by depression.

Mental health needs to be prioritized in both professional and personal life. Although the advent of the internet has led to people speaking about it, awareness about our mental-wellbeing should make familiar to everybody.

We live in a world that is constantly teeming with unnecessary noise.

A world that never seems to take a break and is always in a rigid hurry. The consequence, in turn, is a lot of unhappy people who don’t realize that they need a break from this ever-functioning, chaotic mess of a life.

As the quote goes, “Not everybody has a mental illness, but everybody does have mental health”.

It is a scientifically proven fact that being kind to yourself basically means taking good care of your mind. The main intention behind this blog is to give you gentle and practical ways in which you can boost your overall well-being.

1. Talk about your feelings, no matter what:

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To say what we feel may not often be in our desires. Feelings can be intense at times, positive or negative, they want to come out, and they are in need of being expressed. What we feel is important, even the little things, it is important to take a mental note about them. A suppressed emotion will always find a way to come out in the most unappealing way. Talking about our feelings to the people close to us will also lead to forming more meaningful and healthier relationships.

2. Make sure you are eating and sleeping healthy:

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Good food and proper sleep are great enhancers of a healthy body and mind. Poor sleeping hygiene actually worsens the mental health of an individual. Most people who suffer from insomnia also have a slight tendency towards depression. Having healthy and nutritious food and on-time eating will help your health in long term.

3. Minimize your sugar intake:

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Excessive consumption of sugar can lead to the reduction in a protein called BDNF, a protein affects the growth of nerve cells in our brain. It has also been remarked to have a lasting impact on depression and anxiety. Consuming whole, unprocessed food, fruits, and veggies and having a routine home-cooked meal will make you active throughout the day.

4. Spend more time in nature/embrace solitude:

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Nature is an absolute antidote to isolation and loneliness. Just walking into the park, and garden for just 10 minutes will improve your mood significantly. When you take time off for yourself, make sure you go somewhere where nature and greenery are abundant. Spend time with yourself by meditating. Meditation while simple is not easy at all and that is understood, just find a quiet place where you can sit without being disturbed and with some deep breaths, relax, and gently observe what you observe. Mindful solitude is all one needs sometimes to fight the chaotic bustling modern lifestyle.

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