Are You A Phone Addict? Ideas To Reduce Screen Time Easily

Feeling stuck with excessive screen exposure. Try these easy ideas to reduce your screen time.

Ideas To Reduce Screen Time Easily

How often do you feel strained and exhausted under excessive screen time? Technology working up its way in our day to day life has left us addicted to the usage of many benefits it offers. But on the outline, radiation from the screens of our phones, laptops, tablets, television sets have all impacted us deeply. The blue light that radiates through digital screens can cause phototoxicity ( Damage to the retinas),  dry and cloudy eyes syndrome, which can lead to severe vision damage. Screen time all depends on the choices you make on a daily basis. Let us understand how you can reduce screen time.

In the following article, you will learn how to analyse your screen time and what measures you should take to reduce them in two sections.

Monitor Your Activity

Check Activity Time:

Monitor your screen time each day. You'll also find out many apps and phones have built-in tools that remind us about the screen time limit. You just need to activate and set a time limit. While you keep track of the time you are active on digital gadgets, try reducing the usage every day.

Ideas To Reduce Screen Time Easily

Check Pickups:

Track the times you pick up your phone just because you are habitual of it. It often happens that you pick up your phone unnecessarily and ends up scrolling and watching for hours. When you monitor the times you pick your phone up, it can reduce your daily digital usage.

Ideas To Reduce Screen Time Easily

Track Application Usage:

Track which apps you are mostly using. A clear view of the application level of engagement can help you monitor activity status on a daily basis. Once you are aware of the applications consuming the most you can monitor your choices accordingly.

Ideas To Reduce Screen Time Easily

Avoid Unnecessary Activity:

Your digital gadget activity would automatically reduce when you keep them aside and focus on priorities. Setting your phone or laptop as a priority would instantly lead to over-usage. Letting other activities of daily chores be your priority will help monitor your activity. Avoid taking your phone to the loo and using it in the morning.  

Ideas To Reduce Screen Time Easily

Measures to Avoid Excessive Screen time

Prioritise Family and Well-being:

Prioritising your family and your health is of utmost importance. As mentioned above, screens radiate blue light that can inculcate cancerous rays, which can eventually degrade your health. To avoid that, use phones when necessary, take short breaks in every 15 minutes of constant engagement when you are working, stretch and exercise daily and avoid using phones while family gathering and meals.

Ideas To Reduce Screen Time Easily

Set Targets:

When you have analysed the activity on digital gadgets the next step is to set limits to the daily engagements. You can start with setting limits on applications and phones. A reminder to take a break in every 15 to 30-minute engagement. Whenever you feel engrossed in the gadgets remind yourself to restrict the activity immediately. Set data usage to restrict yourself from excessive screen time.

Ideas To Reduce Screen Time Easily

Culminate Apps That don't Matter:

Have you found yourself engaging in an application that does not even matter using? Culminating this application can reduce over usage of gadgets. Taking a social detox can be very healthy. This way you can reduce the screen time and also focus on the activities that matter in your real life.

Ideas To Reduce Screen Time Easily

Encourage One on One Conversations:

Stuck in online meetings and chats? Try meeting and having conversations in real life. Virtual meetings and chats can take a toll on our eyes easily. Not only this will improve your relationship with others but also let you explore around. Talking one to one always helps in growing yourself as a person. If not people, try engaging with activities or taking care of your home.

Ideas To Reduce Screen Time Easily

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