Innovative Lighting Ideas To Light Up Your Home This Diwali

With Diwali just around the corner, HomeTriangle brings you some amazing lighting ideas to improve your home aesthetic.

Innovative Lighting Ideas To Light Up Your Home This Diwali

We all have diyas lighting up our homes during Diwali, but they are not permanent, are they? If you want something in addition to these diyas, something that continues to stay in your home spreading light even after the festivities are over, then you might need some new lighting.

Here are some unique lighting ideas that are sure to send enquiring glances your way-

Floor Lamps

Let us start with something super easy to set up, you won't have to fasten these anywhere, they are simple plug-and-play lights, that can be easily used as accent lights. They are easy to move around and are perfect for experimenting with lighting in your home.

Here are a few Floor Lamp recommendations to get you started-

Furniture Tower Floor Lamp Lamp

This is a rustic floor lamp combining modern elements, while still trying to stay minimalisic. The best feature of this lamp is its utility, it doubles down as a simple shelf while also spilling light like it's supposed to. It is great to keep your books, showpieces, or small potted plants

Crosscut Furniture Tower Floor Lamp with Shelf (Fresh Yellow)


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Bamboo Floor Lamp

To the unsuspecting eye- it is a weirdly placed bamboo mat by day, but come night, it transforms into an eye-catching pillar of light. This contemporary lighting piece is a work of art. Other than being used as an accent light, this can be used for decoration during special occasions, or as a night light.

kraftinn Modern Bamboo Floor Lamp (28 inch, Natural Brown, Pack of 1)


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Antique Floor Lamp

This ceramic floor lamp works perfectly as an antique piece of lighting. While the previous two lamps diffused light around them, this is more focused making it a specialty accent lighting.

Simona Ceramic Floor Lamp, Metallic, Pack of 1


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Corner Floor Lamp

This is an ultra-modern and minimalistic floor lamp built to be confined to the corners of your room. The RGB lamp allows you to set a color of your choice to create a soft light for your room, instantly changing the ambiance.

The Artment your artistic apartment Modern Art Zenith Corner Floor Lamp with Remote


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Pendant Lights

These come in various shapes and sizes, and the sheer number of unique designs they are available in is mindblowing. Pendant lights are hanging lights that are essentially just mini chandeliers. Not only do they look good in your home, but they absolutely kill it in shops or business places too.

Here are some amazing pendant lights that we fell in love with-

Diamond Pendant Lights

This pendant lighting from Groeien provides a sleek and modern look, it houses three bulbs and is entirely made of metal. You can make this beauty yours for just under 1k.

Groeien 3 Lights Cluster Chandelier Diamond Hanging Pendant Light With Braided Cord


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Cycle Pendant Lights

This lighting design from LazyHomez is super classy and should be an immediate head-turner once you have it fitted in your home or business place. It surely is a steal deal to be able to get it for under 500 rupees.

LazyHomez Antique Cycle Style Hanging Ceiling Pendant Light without Bulb


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Bamboo Rope Pendant Lights

You have seen classy, you have seen modern, and now it is time for Vintage. This particular lighting by Craftsdec is simple but it checks all the boxes for making a bold statement. The rope cord and bamboo add that attractive retro look to your home.

CRAFTSDEC Bamboo Rope Cord Hemp Restaurant Kitchen Dining Vintage Pendant Lighting Fixture Lamp with 6 Light


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Wall Lights

Wall lights are mounted on your walls, and they come in unique shapes and sizes while serving a variety of purposes. Some are used as night lights, some for decor, while others are used just like any other lights. We will be focusing on decorative lighting to enhance your home’s look.

Aluminum Wall Lamp

This lamp can be just about be used anywhere in and out of your home. Its IP65 rating makes it work perfectly well outdoors, while its unique V-shaped design is great indoors too. This multi-colored lighting accentuates festivities and sets the mood perfectly for celebrations.

ESS EMM Wall Lights - 5W IP65 Waterproof Wall Lamp –V Shape Fancy LED Light for Wall


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Crystal Wall Lamp

This stunning wall lamp built out of crystal and iron is a sight to behold. It has an antique feel to it and looks very fancy. Because of the crystals in the lamp, the light that is diffused forms a beautiful and unique pattern on your wall.

Tripping Laser Decorative Crystal Wall lamp


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Spiral Wall Light

This is an indoor wall light by SL THREE that can either be installed on your wall or the ceiling. Once turned on, it projects a beautiful spiral light pattern on the installed surface.

SL THREE LED 3 Watts Spiral Decorative Theme Interior Wall Light with Black Finish Metalic Body


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Wall Light Posed Like A Human

This wall light by BrightLyt has a stylish retro feel to it. It can either be installed inside or outside your home. This piece of lighting is a must-have if you like creative designs.

BrightLyt Hand Crafted Creative Design Human Vintage Retro Industrial Decorative Wall Light Lamp


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String Lights

Wherever there are festivities or special occasions, you are almost guaranteed to find string lights there. When all the string lights look the same, forget making a statement, you will barely be able to make an impression on your guests. Here's where these string lights come into the picture, they are unique and are sure to turn some eyes.

Waterdrop String lights

These waterdrop-shaped string lights from PESCA are a good choice if you are looking to buy string lights for the festive season. You get 25 LEDs and eight flashing modes.

PESCA Waterdrop String Lights for Indoor Outdoor Decoration Diwali Light


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Mesh String Lights

With these mesh string lights, you can throw out a curtain of lights to welcome your guests. They are dimmable, waterproof, and easily merge and enhance your other decorations.

The Purple Tree Net Mesh String Lights for Diwali, Waterproof Light with 8 Lighting Modes, 200 Light Bulbs


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Flower String Lights

If waterdrops aren’t your thing then check out these flower string lights from DesiDiya. It comes with 20 flower LEDs, is battery-operated, and is waterproof too. So, it should be perfect for the outdoors too.

Desidiya® 16 Flower LED Curtain String Window Lights Indoor/Outdoor Decoration for Diwali


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Want More?

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If you require help with lighting installation and other related services, connect with the best of our electricians.