GoPro: The Perennial Giant of Action Cameras

GoPro has become a household name when it comes to action cameras. But with the release of the latest insta 360 model, is it finally going to be dethroned? Let's see how it fares against the gopro hero 11, because the latest model is yet to release on September.


Whether it be Ferrari for cars, Sachin for cricket, or Ronaldo for Football, there's always a name that people associate directly to. The same is the case in the world of action cameras. You don't need to go ask a professional, just ask anyone who has heard about action cameras, and he/she will know the name GoPro. This is the level of status GoPro has built over the years. Many have tried to dethrone it, be it the Sjcam, DJI, or even the latest insta360. But the choice of maximum bloggers still remains GoPro. While we know the next iteration of GoPro, the GoPro Hero 12 is going to be released somewhere around September, in this blog we are going to discuss why, last year's GoPro Hero 11 is still very much a rival to the newly launched insta360 Go 3.

New Kid On the Block

A new foe has appeared!
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First released about 6 years ago, in 2017, insta 360 came into the market in the hopes of capturing the area that not many were able to excel in. It was obvious that at the time GoPro was at an all-time high. So there was no way insta 360 could capture the market. So it had to do something different than its competitor. That came in the form of 360 degree video capturing capability. Hence its name.

Meet my friends insta and 360. Put them together, and you get a 360 video recorder.

The Undisputed Champion

While the competition had a new thing that it bought to the market, GoPro has mastered the art of video capture to such a level, that its base customers didn't really care when the competition came out with an action camera that could shoot 360-degree videos. But when you watch any video, comparing these two, you'll realise that they are not that different when it comes to the video quality. So why is it, that the majority of the user base still prefers GoPro? Well, here are some reasons for that:

Aftersales Service

Being in the market for a long time has its own set of pros. One of the biggest is being able to provide after-sales service in all or most parts of the country. With the kind of reach, GoPro has, it is no surprise that most of the shops have the necessary equipment to service the action camera.


Of course, only using the action camera is not how the manufacturer intended it to be used. The best use-case scenario is when it is used with the right accessories. And accessories it has galore. From a waterproof kit to a rugged case, GoPro has almost every accessory for all use case scenarios. And if the accessories from the company are too costly for you, there are 3rd party sellers you can buy from for half the price and a little lower quality.

Brand Name

Believe it or not, this is one of the biggest USPs of GoPro. Of course, the reputation is well earned over the years, but it is one of the reasons people automatically go for GoPro.

Editing and Sharing

GoPro has its own sharing and editing platform, which makes it monumentally easy for content creators to just shoot, edit and share on the go. It comes in handy when you don't have immediate access to your editing software and are in a clutch.


GoPro may dominate the world of action cameras, but the competition it has given rise to is commendable. Companies like Sjcam, insta360, and DJI, have been forced to come out with better products to rival GoPro. When competition increases, it gives rise to better equipment at good prices. This is how we as consumers benefit the most. So, while the competition may not be able to dethrone GoPro, they'll keep constantly improving.