Insta 360 GO 3: Introducing The Pocket-Sized Wonder Camera

There’s a new player in the action camera segment and it is blowing the competition out of the water. Read more to know all about the new Insta 360 GO 3

Before we get started, if you are not familiar with action cameras, here’s a small snippet about them. Action cameras are compact cameras built for adventure, they can capture high-quality pictures and videos in extreme conditions.

Insta 360 GO 3 is the newest addition to the expensive action camera lineup. The firm hold that the Go Pro’s had over the action camera segment is finally starting to loosen.


Insta 360 GO 3 is a product of Insta 360 and the direct successor of Insta 360 GO 2. Insta 360 specializes in making cameras and editing software. Headquartered in China, it has been in the camera business since 2015. It primarily makes action cameras and their accessories, it also sells two feature-packed professional VR cameras as of now.


As stated earlier, Insta 360 GO 3 is a direct upgrade to the GO 2. It stays close to the previous form while ramping up everything that was previously offered. Weighing just 35 grams, it holds the title of the “World’s Smallest Action Camera.”

Shooting Capability

It can capture ultra-wide videos up to 2.7K resolution and has various modes like- Timelapse, TimeShift, Slow Motion, Loop Recording, and more. The shot videos are in mp4 format, while the photos can be stored in DNG or INSP format. Its magnetic mounting system takes versatility to a whole different level. Pairing it with the magnet pendant allows for easy hands-free POV shots.

Battery and Action Pod

With a capacity of 310mAh, the battery allows you an uptime of 45 mins, and if you pair it with the action pod which has a capacity of 1270mAh, you can boost it to a massive 170 mins. The GO 3 is charged through the action pod, while the action pod is charged with a type-c cable. The GO 3 takes 35 mins to charge to 100%, meanwhile, the action pod takes a little less than double this duration i.e. 65 mins to charge to full capacity.  

Apart from being able to charge the GO 3, the action pod has a flip touchscreen where you can live preview, and it can also act as a remote control for the GO 3.

Connectivity and More

In terms of connectivity, the GO 3 comes with Bluetooth (BLE 5.0), Wifi (5GHz), and a Type-C slot.

If the features so far had you impressed, there are more- The GO 3 comes equipped with FlowState stabilization. This automatically removes bumps and shakes while filming. This feature on an Action Camera is truly game-changing. It also has a Horizon lock that ensures the video is always upright.

To fully bring out the full potential of this camera, Insta 360 gives you one additional feature- their app. The Insta360 App has a user-friendly interface and powerful AI tools, this makes editing quick and easy.

Yes, it is waterproof too. Provided you have the stock lens guard on, you can dunk the GO 3 down to 5m underwater.

Price and Availability

The standalone GO 3 camera starts at $449.99(Approx ₹36,900) and is available with three storage options- 32, 64, and 128GB. Other kits are available with additional accessories, some of the available kits are- Action, Travel, Bike, and Water Sports. They all have varying prices and accessories. You can further customize your GO 3 with a custom skin if you are ready to shell out an additional $12.99.

Insta 360 Ships its cameras worldwide with a 1-year warranty and global support. The 64GB standalone version is available on Amazon India too for ₹38,990.

If you are looking for an action camera in this particular budget then look no further. This action camera is one of the best in the segment, this small overview offers just a glimpse of what it truly is capable of.