Getting Your Home Ready for Romance on Valentine's Day

You and your partner deserve something more than a night out. Spice up your Valentine's week with these ideas to turn your home into a romantic paradise!

Getting Your Home Ready for Romance on Valentine's Day

It is the day of love, the week of love, and, hopefully, the year of love. Valentine's week has already begun and it is time you start making those date plans with your lover. I know that most people would want to dine out and spend some time outside for their date, but the serenity and peace you can experience with your loved ones without any distractions and interruptions from waiters or "sad singles" glaring at you is nice too, don't you think? So, here I am, to help you get your home ready for Valentine's week to get some steam off together with your loved one! *wink wink*

Get your home Valentine's Day ready:

You should know that all blogs about Valentine's Day are mostly written by singles. The writers in a relationship are too busy to work during Valentine's week. Sigh. Nonetheless, we are more than happy to help your Valentine's week go as planned or even more. Let's see how you can convert your living space into a Valentine's Day haven.

House decorated in red and white for Valentine's day

1) Red, Red, Red:

Of course, why would you not paint the entire house red? But, only if you are that much of a hopeless romantic. Instead, you can add red elements to give a subtle red-and-white vibe throughout your house. Get red and white balloons, preferably fill them with helium, and get creative with them! You could wear red or pink lipstick and make lipstick stains on the white balloons to add to the atmosphere. Make some DIY projects like cupid drawings or arrows with heart-shaped arrowheads or get some red and white covers for your pillows and cushions and place them strategically to be aesthetic. The sky is your limit, but keep in mind, do not use too much red or too little. Balance is key. That would apply even to most relationships, I guess...

2) Do Not Forget Pictures:

You do not want to get on the bad side of your partner by forgetting to put up some of your favorite memories together. Frame some of the pictures you adore of them that they might find lame, embarrassing pictures of each other and some of the best trips you have been on together in a red frame to match with the other red and white elements you have planned on. Keeping all the pictures in black and white or with a monochromatic filter would enhance the theme of Valentine's Day even more.

Keep one frame empty to print a picture of that night you spent together to cherish those memories forever. If you end up fighting, you can throw it out, it is up to you.

House decorated in red and white for Valentine's day

3) Scented Candles:

Now, you know how your room smells. You can imagine it as you are reading this, can't you? But, worry not! You can easily turn this damp-smelling den into an aromatic haven by lighting scented candles in different parts of your home. When your partner arrives in this setting, the only problem that could arise is it might be too romantic. It's Valentine's Day, nothing is too romantic. The soft warm light and the subtle aroma of lavender or lemon grass are going to help you make the most of your well-planned romantic evening.

4) Lighting Plays an Important Role:

Turn off all bright lights. Actually, remove them and keep them in storage so you don't even accidentally turn them on. What we need is a dim and warm setting. Use dim lights or if you don't have them, light up your house with candles. Candle flames and romance go hand-in-hand. Safety is important in this case, you need a fire extinguisher on standby just in case any of your curtains catch on fire. You guys have a long night ahead and spending it in the hospital with a third-degree burn is the last thing your partner would want. Be careful.

House decorated in red and white for Valentine's day

5) Prepare a Table for Two:

Prepare a table for two in the best spot in your home. The balcony and living room are best to achieve a romantic and cute setting for you both to sit and have a good time eating your favorite food. Now, you would not want to spend hours you would rather spend preparing the place in the kitchen cooking the meal. Order from the restaurant your partner loves and make a dessert of your choice to let the other person know that you put in effort into the meal too! The small things matter.

Make your table and food look presentable. Use red ribbons to decorate the cutlery and a red or checkered tablecloth. Eating your favorite food with your favorite person is love too, don't you think?

6) Make the bed to end the day:

After spending so much time together, you and your partner would get very tired. So, it is important to already have your bed made with velvet or silk bed covers, red and white pillows, or cushions thrown out on the bed for extra comfort. Add to the atmosphere with some nice flowers on the bedside table. Use soot-free candles instead of your regular bedside lamp just for tonight.


In summary, creating a cozy and romantic atmosphere at home for Valentine's Day doesn't require extravagant measures. Add subtle red touches, frame cute memories, set the mood with scented candles and soft lighting, and prepare a thoughtfully decorated table for two. As the day concludes, ensure the bed is adorned with comfort and flowers for a perfect romantic retreat. This Valentine's Day, let your home be a reflection of your love, creating a haven for all your cherished moments. Cheers to a love-filled Valentine's week! Just do not burn your place down, please. I beg you.