Essential Tips for a Clean House: (Winter Guide Edition)

Do you find it tough to maintain your house in winters? Are you lazy enough to wake up and do the chores at the last minute? Here is a quick winter guide to maintain a clean home without much hassle.


Winters can be dry, windy, snowy, and dirty. It brings along dirt, mud, and germs. Sometimes it is difficult to maintain a clean house, especially in the winter. There's always a bit of inconsistency in the process. Keeping all that in mind - you can follow some essential tips to keep your house clean throughout the season. Here's what you have to do :

Use Storage: Use storage boxes for storing your summer clothes and shoes to protect them from dirt and germs. Arrange one shoe rack, maybe near the entrance, to avoid carrying dust inside and it also helps you to organize your shoes and maintain a clear entrance. Use various organisers to maintain a neat space in all the corners of your house.

shoe rack

Use doormat: Buy a quality doormat to avoid the mess while entering your house. Ask everyone to wipe their feet before entering. Make sure to wash the doormat weekly to maintain the hygiene.

door mat

Use Rugs: In winter we especially need some warm, cozy, and useful things to decorate our house. Use rugs that are comfortable, and warm and also acts as dust absorber. Rugs add color and texture to your room and also reduce the noise.


Bedding: Wash your Bedding and blankets with warm water to get rid of bed bugs and dust mites. Invest in some silk bedsheets or blankets as silk is not a dust absorber.

washing machine with a blanket

Regular Dusting: Take extra care about dusting, especially around windows and hidden corners. Use a dust-repellent spray to clean it - either you can DIY or you can buy one.


Deep Cleaning: Use vinegar and water solution to wipe off the salt residue without damaging it. Also, you have to focus on the humidity levels of your house - winters are mostly dry and can cause allergies. Invest in a good air purifier or humidifier if required. Deep cleaning of rugs and carpets is necessary to avoid dust allergies.

Habit: Create a quick daily plan for duties such as cleaning, wiping down surfaces, and doing dishes. Use warm water to do dishes- it will also prevent germs. Make cleaning and organizing a fun task among family members. Treat your house hygiene as a priority.

Minimalism: Use warm lights to maintain the ambiance and warmth in your home. Use minimum utensils, repeat clothes, use minimalist decoration, and resist buying trendy winter items that you'll not use much. Consider borrowing or thrifting for occasional needs.

 Adjustments: Always be prepared for emergencies- install a smoke detector and an emergency kit for power outages or snowstorms. If you live in an extremely cold climate - make sure to protect the exposed pipes and electrical wires from causing any hazard or accident

Clean outdoors: Clean your lawn - leaves, branches, and twigs- declutter them and dispose of them responsibly. Water your plants more than usual, especially in winter- for fresh and greener surroundings.

outdoor cleaning


Winter cleaning might be very exhausting and tough at times because of extra care and effort but with these few strategies, you can turn your home into a warm and cozy clean place. Among all the seasons, winter is one of the hardest seasons to maintain the neatness of your home but remember consistency is the way to be easily perfect in maintaining your home.