Dopamine Decor: How to Boost Your Mood with Biophilic Interior Designs?

Are you feeling a bit low? wish your home aura with dopamine decor practises to boost your happy hormones? Wondering how to do that? don't worry here's a guide.

Dopamine Decor: How to Boost Your Mood with Biophilic Interior Designs?

What is Dopamine Decor?

Visualize this, you are walking in a space that elevates your mood. Well, that's the main idea behind dopamine decor in short, this is a design trend that focuses more on creating an inviting home environment, which positively impacts dopamine, a brain chemical that rewards pleasure. 

How does Dopamine Decor Positively Affect your brain? the science behind it!

The neurotransmitter in our brain has a vital role in simulating our mood, and motivation and this also grants a sense of reward. Certain exercises trigger dopamine, and some foods play a vital role in releasing them as well. But what would you do when you have no energy to move your body? Have you wondered how to boost your dopamine without doing anything at all? Well, that is where dopamine decor practices play a mood-boosting role. This is a simple concept of framing your household's materials and layout in a way that simulates your happiness. After all, nature cures right? Biophilic principles combined elevate the concept of boosting dopamine to a whole new level for happy interiors.

What is Biophilic Design?

Biophilic Design, aka natural interior design, is set in an innovative approach to incorporate nature into the existing environment. This design concept is set to create a living space to inhibits a connection with nature and to promote and balance both mental and physical stability and peace.

How to incorporate Dopamine Decor at your home?

Incorporating Dopamine Decor in your Rooms:

Dopamine Decor Living Room:

Dopamine Decor Living Room helps you create an inviting space that sparks coziness and joy using plush textures, and vibrant colors.

Dopamine Decor Dining Room:

Dopamine Decor Dining Room

Dopamine Decor Dining Room helps you enjoy the mealtimes into celebrations. This includes a vibrant tablescape and cheerful wall art.

Dopamine Decor Bathroom: 

Dopamine Decor Bathroom inspires you to Transform your bathroom into retreat which resembles a spa with calming colors, to provide you with a soothing environment. Soothing towels and bathmats are a must to enjoy the spa feeling to the fullest, and natural elements like plants invite fresh air as well.

Dopamine Decor Kitchen:

Dopamine Decor Kitchen makes the cooking routine appear more of a joyful experience. You can enhance the decor with open shelving showcases. 

Dopamine Decor in Household Elements:

Dopamine Decor Furniture: 

Dopamine Decor Furniture helps you opt for furniture pieces that are visually stimulating and functional as well. Think chairs with bold accents and ottomans with playful colors? Now that's what we are talking about.

Dopamine Decor Lamps:

Lamps are an aesthetic way to radiate low-level light, and what's special about Dopamine Decor Lamps is that they bring up tones that are visually and aesthetically pleasing, Especially fairy lights play a good role in enhancing the touch of magic.

Dopamine Decor Rug:

A rug with a blend of colors can transform the space's visual look, right? I'm talking about dopamine decor rug here! Just picture geometric patterns with a mix of textures, doesn't it add a visual interest already?

Dopamine Decor Wall Art:

Dopamine Decor Wall Art Lets your walls to express your real inner personality. Don't let your walls live the colors of paint, but Hang artwork with inspiring quotes, bold colors, or playful patterns that bring a smile to your face.

The Dopamine Decor trend is still an underrated one, but these are the easy hacks to invite a happy interior atmosphere to your living space.

Need inspiration for dopamine decor ideas?

Inspired by these dopamine decor ideas already? We have a few pins suggesting dopamine decor ideas. After all, a dopamine decor trend is a must to consider, if you are looking for more mental stability.

The Color Theory:

Do you have any idea how can colors impact the way you think? Neutral tones of colors are way more cooler to compare while incorporating Biophilic interior design ideas at your home. So say Hi to happy living home, and happy home interiors with the use of Biophilic design ideas that I'll mention shortly.

Implementing Biophilic Interior Designs at Home

Ever felt an immediate sense of calmness passing your body as you walk down a park? or do you feel energized just by seeing the view of a cozy sunset? All are related to nature and healing right? A similar concept applies to the concept of biophilic interior designs at your home. It doesn't just stop with a stunning finish at your home, but it also releases a sense of dopamine.

Dining Room:

Introduce the color scheme which matches a lush forest, by which I mean adding calming greens to the walls, and decorating with earthy browns and yellows for the tableware (the yellow signifies sunlight)

Hanging Planters play a role in hopefully implementing a cascading vine.

Invest in placemats that feature nature-inspired elements like leaves, landscapes, or flowers. And when you purchase them make sure that the material is based on cotton or lines to serve as an effective dose for biophilia.


Windowsill or Countertop, focus mainly here you can try implementing a mini herb garden. A fresh herb doesn't just stop with adding greenery through visuals but also enhances a touch of culinary creation as well.

And at the wooden countertops, utilize it with Bamboo utensils. Additionally, try installing a skylight to uplift the cooking space vibe.


Though a Bedroom never has the word "rest" in its name, the ultimate goal of a bedroom is to take a heavy and relaxing nap. A sky blue, lavender or any reminiscent of a tranquil ocean can enhance your wall's appearance. Playing sleep music which contains 432 hz / 528 hz is safe to listen to and triggers a relaxed sleep. And obviously linen bedding wraps more comfort and your dopamine level as well.


Plants like pothos or ivy can be planted to create a sense of aesthetics on the living wall, these climbing plants create an unbelievable aura here.

Inclusively add framed pictures of nature photography or botanical prints in the hallway. And at the doorstep implement a fiver rug to promote warmth and texture. These are natural interior designs, right?


The effective combination of both dopamine dec and biophilic designs increases the vitality of mental health and remains a newly blooming trend in architecture. Embracing biophilic design concepts can be a benefit to you for a positive life. Wherever it is a commercial building or your living space, the principles of biophilic designs shift the way you live and interact with liveliness in the built environment. With that being said, I’ll meet you in the next article.