5 DIY Garden Ideas For Small Spaces

Find the best DIY tips to give your garden a nice new makeover.

5 DIY Garden Ideas For Small Spaces

Landscaping is not just for homeowners with a large space, with the right strategy anyone with any amount of space can give their space a stunning makeover.

This article will not only give you great transformation ideas for your small space but will also make sure that they are all DIY, so you don’t have to spend on a professional landscaper.

Vertical Garden

This is a very popular option as you can grow more plants using less space with this method. So, in urban areas, the vertical garden trend is on the rise. It also gives a cozy feeling to your garden space.

A vertical garden

The best part of building a vertical garden is the flexibility and option available to you. You can use anything to lay erect a vertical space like old shelves, shoe organizers, wooden poles, and walls too. But we recommend against using your home walls to grow your vertical garden as it could trap moisture against your wall and cause it to rot and weaken its structural integrity.

If your vertical space is a shelf or a stand with space for the plants you won’t have much to change. But, If you erect a vertical platform without it having shelves or space to place plants, you can always nail hooks to it and attach your planter bags, unused bathroom mugs, buckets, or other containers to it.

The one major thing to keep in mind is plant placement, as the plants in the bottom won’t get much sunshine, make sure to plant your plants accordingly.

The Repurposed Garden

This is another great idea to make use of what you got. If you have old or unused furniture which you don’t need anymore, you can repurpose it for your garden. Stepladders, cabinets, and drawers make great storage containers and platforms for your plants, pots, and planters.

An Old TV repurposed as a garden planter

Furniture is not the only thing that can be repurposed to add to your garden, just find any unused things in your home and think how you can use them, you’ll find a place for them in your garden. Take Old pipes for example- they can be sawed into halves and used as planters for herbs or other plants. You could also use old pots and utensils as planters for your garden.

To sum it all up in three steps:

Step 1- Find unused stuff you want to trash
Step 2- Get creative, and think of a way to repurpose them
Step 3- Profit!!

Hanging Garden

Babylon is not the only place you can build hanging gardens, you can make your own hanging garden right in your garden space. The best part is that you can have this indoors or on your balcony too. Just get sturdy chains or rope to hang your planters or pots, then it's time to go green.

Hanging pots in hanging garden

If you just want a few plants then you can hang pots, if you feel like you need more floating greenery then you can use multiple hooks to hang big planters, some even come with multiple platforms. You can always build all of this by yourself by repurposing the required materials.

Raised Bed Garden

The purpose of a raised bed garden is not only to save your knees some pain by elevating the garden. Since the soil is raised above the ground level it is less compactly packed and allows for better drainage, which converts to better plant growth. So it is a win-win for both your sore back and the plants.

Raised bed garden planter containers

You can build the containers easily for the raised beds by yourself, repurpose them, or if everything else fails, then just buy them (while sullying the DIY name).

The containers for the raised beds can be made with a variety of materials, while wood is the most commonly used container, you could use stone too. It actually doesn’t even have to be a complete container, it just has to function like one. Meaning, you can different materials for the base, and the side walls. You could for example use mulch, concrete, or stones for the base and build the side walls out of bricks or even stones. There are hundreds of different combinations you can use based on your availability of materials.

Garden Decor

We have only been talking about the various ways to place your plants till now, but that is not all of what garden landscaping is, there’s more to it than that. Your garden can do with some decor too, decor doesn’t necessarily mean buying fancy stuff and placing it in your garden.

DIY Garden pond with fountain

There are plenty of landscaping features that you’ll be able to work on on your own. You can make a small pool of water, a fountain, waterways, innovative paths, you can build sculptures out of junk, and do a lot more, your creativity is your limit.

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