Creating Balance and Harmony with Top Vastu Colours For a Blissful Home

Colours play a huge role in our lives, and so does the Vastu. Invite positivity and happiness in abundance by picking up the Vastu Colours for your home.

Creating Balance and Harmony with Top Vastu Colours For a Blissful Home

While some hues bring in positive energy, some negatively affect the spaces. Have you noticed that home wall colors essentially set the energy and mood? The Vastu colors transform the home living space into a blissful atmosphere. Vastu Shastra is a crucial guide for your home - be it the living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and balcony. Colors play a vivid role in stabilizing mood, health, peace, and happiness. Consequently, colors are primarily responsible for instilling positive energy in the home.

The traditional wisdom of Vastu Colours states the importance of colors in the living space and well-being. Vastu colors enhance the home aura for good health, prosperity, and happiness. Through this blog, we will figure out the importance of Vastu colors and how they contribute to the balance and harmony of a home.

Role of Vastu Colours

Green and Beige Colours for Home Walls

How do you define your home? A vibrant place where you find peace. A home is a place for a wide range of energy. What if negativity surrounds your home? Scared? Vastu is your guidance. The aesthetic appeal of home and happiness depend upon the Vastu colors. According to Vastu, your home is divided into different directions and spaces. Each direction follows a specific color set. The ambiance of your home, health, prosperity, balance, and harmony are some of the factors Vastu colors work upon. It is not blind faith but an ancient study continuing to date. 

Ideal Vastu Colours As Per Direction

Hands with Colour Palette and Home Blueprint

Vastu suggests specific colors for different directions in the home as it promotes harmony and well-being. Look at the breakdown of Vastu colors as per the directions:


Green, pista green, blue, and yellow are ideal for the north direction in Vastu. Governed by Mercury, these colors will help in growth, prosperity, and mental clarity. The green color is the best choice for a study room or home office.


Red, coral red and pink are the Vastu colors for the south direction. Mars governs the south direction. These soothing south wall colors represent dynamism, vitality, joy, and happiness. Choose these south wall colors for the bedroom, study room, and storage areas.


In Vastu, white and light blue are ideal for the east direction (governed by the Sun). As a symbol of peace, white promotes wisdom, purity, and an energetic mood. Choose these colors for puja rooms, living rooms, and children's rooms.


Blue, white, and grey colors are Vastu colors for the west direction. Ruled by Saturn, these colors in the west direction adorn new beginnings, relaxation, meditation, and growth. These serene west wall colors are perfect for meditation and living rooms.


White, light shades of blue and yellow are considered auspicious for the north-east direction, ruled by Jupiter. The north-east aligned Vastu colors are best for spiritual growth and enlightenment. They are often suitable for kids’ rooms and puja rooms. 


Light grey, white, and cream are the perfect colors for the north-west direction. Being governed by the Moon, these Vastu colors boost focus, creativity, and mental clarity if implemented in an open space.


Silver, pink, and orange represent the fire element, the best for kitchens in the south-east direction (governed by Venus). These Vastu colors also promote passion and financial stability.


Brown and Peach colors are ideal in Vastu for the south-west direction. Rahu governs the south-west direction, and these colors stabilize happiness and growth in relationships. Select these colors for the bedrooms in your home.

Top Vastu Colours for Home

Red Wall and Minimal Style Sofa

Factors like balance and harmony are associated with the energies of your home which are decided by colours. What are those fundamental colors in Vastu? Vastu does not state a set color scheme for the home. Given are some Vastu-approved colors to help you achieve harmony in your home.

Attentive Red

Red is a universal color often used in the context of warning and danger signs due to its ability to attract immediate attention. According to Vastu experts, red is a powerful color and it is better to use it only in the most positive sections of the house. You can either paint a wall red or add splashes of red with various elements like paintings, cushions, candles, and accessories. The red color will help enhance the positivity and energy in the home.

According to Vastu’s rule of thumb- Energy flows higher wherever the attention is directed.

Healing Orange

Because of the healing depth, orange is a recommended color by Vastu. The orange combines red's fiery energy and yellow's warmth and happiness. Orange adds brilliance to your home because it is equipped with energy and balancing properties. The hues of orange encourage positivity that helps in navigating tough times. Orange hues are best when implemented in the negative areas of the home - areas that tend to collect a ton of clutter and always look dirty no matter how much you clean. 

Refreshing Yellow

Yellow is usually associated with freshness, cheerfulness, positivity, and energy. But in Vastu, yellow is also linked with deceit and malice. This unique dual nature of yellow provides a neutralizing effect on the home. Vastu experts suggest that you should add yellow color in the negative sectors of your house to diminish bad/negative energy. Any area of your house that suffers from constant leakage and seepage problems or constantly faces breakdown of electronics and maintenance work can be infused with a bright yellow color.

Vastu Colour for a Blissful Home

Modern Living Room in Pastel Colours

Different colors are associated with different rooms due to the direction and energy factors that help in creating balance and harmony. Choosing Vastu colors for the living room, bedroom, kitchen, and other home spaces will help you achieve peace and happiness. 

Living Room

According to Vastu, the living room is an integral part of your home. The living room or hall is the center of energy, filled with colors that spread peace. It is great to paint the living rooms with soothing colors like yellow, white, and blue to give a sense of warmth to the home. Vastu experts suggest neutral colors and soft pastels for the living room. Avoid the choice of too bright color for the living room.


The bedroom is the master of health, prosperity, and harmony. Brown and light green are the best colours for a bedroom as they bring positivity and eliminate the energy that reflects illness. Bold hues such as dark blue, deep red, and black are the wrong choices for the bedroom color. These hues are usually associated with depression and despair. 


As per Vastu, the kitchen is a crucial part of your home. Add red and orange colors in the kitchen to stimulate the fire element. Introduce warm tones and splashes of color in it. Instead of painting the kitchen wall wholly, try to bring in different hues through the colored jars and bottles.


The serene place of the home is the balcony where people meditate and seek outside pleasures while looking at the sky, birds, trees, roads, vehicles, and other outdoor activities. The balcony ideates self-awakening and relaxation. Yellow, blue, beige, white, and lighter tones are best suited for the balcony of your home.

Beautiful Home Interior with Cream Walls

Incorporating Vastu color principles will create a positive approach, well-being, stability, prosperity, balance, and harmony in the home. Are you planning to renovate your home? Be cautious picking up the Vastu colors depending upon the direction and space. The guidelines of Vastu Shastra are complex, contact a Vastu Expert for in-depth knowledge and understanding of the required Vastu colors in your home. Revitalize an aura of happiness while looking at the holistic side of Vastu, and reflect your home in the beliefs and perceptions you own. 

Stick to the right side of the Vastu Colours, and ultimately your home will be the epitome of balance and harmony!