A Quick Guide To Purchasing Mosquito Mesh

Disturbed by mosquito's? Here are few quick solutions that can help you get rid of mosquito's by guiding your way to buy mosquito mesh nets

A Quick Guide To Purchasing Mosquito Mesh

The summers are officially here and we know how much the mosquitoes love summers. However, their love for summer could prove to be the most annoying time for our lives as they rejoice bugging us around with their buzzing sounds. So while you complain about this buzz, we are here with budget friendly, simple, effortless and sustainable solutions! Read more to make a wise decision while choosing the best mosquito net for your house, so you could get the sleep of your life!

The Importance of a Mosquito Mesh

  • Maintains a mosquito-free environment and prevents the spread of diseases
  • Helps you sleep comfortably
  • While giving your room a peaceful ambience
Mosquito Mesh for your house

Four things you should consider before buying a mosquito mesh:

Many of us feel that buying a mosquito mesh is a simple task, but there are a few things you ought to consider before you shop for mosquito mesh nets to help protect yourself from mosquito bites.

Choose The Right Size: One of the most crucial elements to consider while purchasing a mesh net is the size. Many of us choose the wrong size due to incorrect comprehension of the size of our space, bed, or window. The mesh net should not be excessively small or large as this would naturally lead to mosquitoes entering your home. The ideal mesh size for blocking mosquitoes is 1.2 millimeters. So make sure you spend your money wisely.

Look Out For The Place: Ensure you plan out where you want the mosquito net or mesh to be fixed, or which part of your house is most likely to attract mosquitoes. The reason is, Mosquito mesh nets are increasingly popular, and since there are so many types available in the market today, you can use mosquito nets more than just in the bedroom. You can use mosquito them to cover doors, windows, or even balconies!

Fabric: Furthermore, mosquito nets are made from a variety of materials, ranging from polyester, nylon, cotton, and polythene, as well as velcro nets. You Can find a variety of types and designs in the Indian markets, but polyester and cotton are the most popular types of materials.

Note: If you are allergic to dust- polyester nets may provide you with a great advantage. Since they help prevent dust from building up, besides, polyester mesh nets are always more durable than cotton mesh nets.

Without wasting more time, let's get into our simple Guide to Purchasing a Perfect Mosquito Net!

Shape and Design:

Wedge Mosquito Net: Mosquito nets of this type are lightweight and easy to travel with. This mosquito net consists of an elongated web with a point of suspension at the end.

Wedge Mosquito Net

Rolling Mosquito Net: This mosquito net has an up and down rolling feature. It can easily be rolled up when not in use, making it more versatile. This allows us to use the net for a variety of purposes, such as a window net, a door net, a kitchen net, or even as a balcony net. This mesh is made of high-quality fiber and can be used on any type of window such as iron, aluminium, or even wooden windows.

Rolling Mosquito Net

Sliding Mosquito Net: Now, do you have any windows or doors that always slide open, or maybe a window or door that is never in use? In this case, the sliding mosquito net can be very useful. In addition to the fact that these nets can be cleaned easily, and are available in a wide range of colors on the market, making them the perfect nets for the French windows of your home.

Sliding Mosquito Net

Fixed Mosquito Net: These nets are permanently fixed to the windows in your home. In addition to this, these fiber meshes are available in different shapes and sizes to match your needs, and they are easily installed and accessible at reasonable prices.

Fixed Mosquito Net

Top Mesh Brands Available In The Market:

Phifer: They have a wide variety of fabrics, types, colors, and materials for mosquito nets and screening, making them one of the most successful and best-selling brands for mosquito nets. This brand is one of the only mosquito mesh net brands on the market that offers around 9 types of mosquito nets for windows and doors

Good Night: We all know how famous the brand good night is for all its mosquito and insect protection products that they sell in the market. A mosquito mesh net is another product offered under their

mosquito protection range. The mosquito nets they sell are made of a high-quality, long-lasting polyester that can be used for beds, windows, and doors. The additional feature of this product is that they are easily washable and foldable when not in use.

Classic Mosquito Net: Classic Mosquito Nets are a premium brand of mosquito nets that are available in the Indian market, they are safe and can easily protect you from mosquito spreading diseases like malaria, and dengue, besides it is easy to set up, fold, and carry.

With these tips, you can enjoy your summer and sleep, and to help you keep the mosquitoes away from your home contact the best professionals who can assist you in getting your mosquito nets installed right away!